Get Her Look: Ashlee Simpson’s Cat Eyes!

ashlee_simpson_cateyesMiss Ashlee Simpson is rocking the cat eye like no one else can. While the cat eye look is hot-hot-hot and seen in so many magazine ads this Autumn, the cat eye is pretty hard to do on your own. Especially hard to do if you don’t have a steady hand.

In order to recreate Ashlee’s cat eye’s, we recommend, with the highest of recommendations, the Beth Bender Beauty Get in Line Kit ($36). With this kit, you will simply not go wrong. You see, the kit contains a stencil, along with an awesome brush, and a trio of eyeshadows. Seriously, just by following the step by step instructions in the kit, you can not go wrong. It is amazing, and a must have kit to not only get Ashlee’s stunning look, but to create cat eye perfection.

Now, go get your celeb look on!

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    • Sophie

      This is such a lovely cat’s eye, paired with sultry red lips! :) She looks like a Hollywood A-lister here ;)

    • mary

      you can clearly see that she had her nose done!!!

    • Sasha

      I love the cat eye look. Ashlee Simpson does NOT look like herself, though, wow!

    • Cassy

      OMFG. she looks so different! I remember when she first came out back in the day (like 04ish?) and she was gorgeous shes starting to look plastic. I bet by the time shes 30 shell be the new Joan Rivers

    • rajatrajaji

      she is beautiful.
      i have seen her first time.

    • tracey

      she looks like Drew ?Barrymoore? a lil bit. Either way she’s beautiful and atleast shes not trying to look like her big sis anymore.

    • Rochelle

      Ashlee really ?
      this really doesnt look like her
      i lve ashlee with blone hair but
      i love i better as a reddy tone

    • MALE from Buenos Aires

      Honestly, Ashlee was more beautiful when she had dark hair, you could notify that each simpson sister had their own style. Now she stills pretty but not like before…