• Tue, Sep 25 2007

Incoco Dry Nail Applique Is Perfect For Me

I can’t remember the last time I had manicures done. Professionally, or by me. See, I wash my hands too much. On the off chance that I get really inspired and give myself a manicure, I’ve found myself washing my hands 2 minutes later. It’s a second nature to me I guess. Plus the dishes, cleaning and all the cooking I do. I hate wearing gloves so don’t even suggest it…LOL. It’s a waste of time. So when I found out about Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué, I got all excited. Now I can style my nails without ruining it 2 minutes after application.


Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué is a self-adhesive nail enamel that goes on dry. 20 colors starting from Pink Satin, to Red Velvet to Berry Rich and Chocolate. Plus six shades for French manicure. The self-apply strips contain the actual basecaot, color coat and topcoat layer. It is done in minutes and will last for up to 14 days. You can find them exclusively at Walgreens for $5.99/pack. The package includes 20 strips, cuticle stick, mini file and a polish removal cloth.

I can’t wait to do my nails this weekend. I’ll post a step-by-step process with pictures to show off my stylishly manicured nails. Ahhh, I’m excited.

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  • Dalia

    WOW! Looks like a great product. My nail polish usually last about two to three days.

  • liz theig

    This product is Great! I was skeptical at first but Incoco dry nail applique strips really live up to the hype. It was very easy to apply and fast. In fact, I applied all 10 french manicure strips in the office bathroom — shhhhh… don’t tell the boss. There was no odor, mess, and it’s goof-proof. Thanks
    Incoco for giving me professional-looking nails I can do myself anytime.. anywhere.. and in a flash.

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  • Christine Ernest

    I used the incoco French manicure set today I have never tried these before and I never will by them again because with in two hours of puting them on they were all rady starting to pell off.

  • http://www.styleitless.com Dexie

    Christine, that’s surprising coz the one I applied in the video post regarding Incoco, it lasted for almost 2 weeks. I actually had to use a nail polish remover to remove mine. Sorry you had a different experience though :( .

  • Lauren

    These really are amazing. I hope they stay on the market for a very long time! I have oily nail beds so polish never lasts, but the dry polish lasts for a week and looks great. I could leave it longer, but they start to crack. A clear coat around day 3 might prolong the life. They also don’t chip and seem to keep my nails from breaking/cracking.

  • http://www.styleitless.com Dexie

    “They also don’t chip and seem to keep my nails from breaking/cracking.”

    I’ve noticed that too :)

  • Michelle

    This product ruined my nails! At first I thought it was the greatest invention since sliced bread: so easy to use! So long lasting! Such great results! I should have become suspicious when I found it was very difficult to remove the old “polish”. I tried it three times and then found my nails were chipping, splitting and breaking. They are now in shreds, and I have an important business conference to attend. Be warned!

  • KS

    I think this is one of the best new products on the market! Poor man’s acrylics that don’t do anymore damage than old-fashioned fingernail polish. You have to follow the directions – ie: buff nails and wash hands to rid of all oil residue. I think it’s easy and cheap and it looks great – can’t beat that!

  • Michelle

    Ladies, ladies, ladies. I hope for your sakes that my experience with Incoco nails was a fluke, but as I said above after a few weeks my nails were a mess! It took a $30 set of acrylics to fix the damage in order to attend my business meeting looking well groomed. Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Miley

    I just did my nails with this stuff, and i am alrady touching everything and using the computer. usually i am scared to use my computer right after i do my nails becuase i do not want to stain it but now i can clean my house, wash the dishes and blah, blah, blah :)!! Now i can blow my nose with a tissue as soon as i finish and it wont scratch or mess up the polish!!!! I LUVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

  • L

    This product is fab. I’ve used the red and a sublte pink. Both times the application was flawless. The removal is a process. First I used the removal pad they provided but finished cleaning my nails with the buffing tool, also provide. Michelle, I’m sorry that your nails were torn to shread. You should be sure to follow all the directions and prep your nails. Again I love this product and can’t wait to try the french manicure sets. I get two weeks of wear out of one applciation, and this includes heavy hand washing, typing, cleaning… Love it!

  • Ginny

    I used the french nails. It’s been a week and they still look great even after working in the yard. I had used another brand, but they were hard to get so, I’m really glad I now have a place to get them locally.

  • Judi

    This is the most amazing stuff. I did my nails while driving on the interstate of all things, and they look great. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. People who aren’t having good results may no tbe doing the light buff and putting it on clean dry nails. The buff especially is important to create something for the polish to hold on to.

  • Fay

    I’ve never tried these… but you’ve made me curious.


    was going to check them out at walgreens…till I read further down that after 2 hours…they were starting to peel off


    I had just purchased platinum colored nailpolish by sally hansen earlier this evening at target…I’m happy

  • Pearl

    thank you, this sure is making nail application easy

  • Tanya

    gonna keep my eye out for this product.

  • BKMabrey

    I need to check this product out!

  • Fay

    You wouldn’t have to deal with accidently painting skin.

  • Michelle

    I stand by my original critique that this product left my nails a mess– peeling and weak. I used it for about a month without any problem, then ye gads. Good luck to y’all but beware.

  • Tanya

    I like how it lasts 14days I wonder how soon it peels off?

  • Tanya

    Michelle really? ok thanks for telling us cuz my nails are already very weak i would hate to have em be ruined.

  • Michelle

    Tanya– As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had to have a manicurist apply artificial nails as I had a business meeting to attend and could not show up with my nails looking as they did after my experience with Incoco. As it turns out, that was the best thing I have ever done for them. She applied a “gel” nail over my own and is harder than cryptonite! It also holds color without chipping or scratching. To keep them looking nice you need to manicure every two weeks (it grows out along with your nail) for $25 (I go to a very good salon). I’ve learned to enjoy the treat, plus my nails always look beautiful.

  • Tanya

    Yeah I’ve had acrylics before. I have yet to get gel nails. They do last way longer though in terms of keeping color. Thats the best part. Thanks for explaining and warning everyone on this product.

  • BKMabrey

    Thanks for the warning. I haven’t had my nails done in so long. I miss it.

  • BKMabrey

    I used to always get a french manicure, square nails. I wonder what everyone else gets these days?

  • BKMabrey

    i love the bright colors for summer!

  • Fay

    interesting product.

  • Fay

    nice way to get manicure.

  • Fay

    Like the product.

  • BKMabrey

    great buy

  • BKMabrey

    would save a lot of time

  • BKMabrey

    i still think i’d prefer an old fashioned manicure!

  • Tanya

    I wouldnt get it knowing it hurts ur nails

  • Tanya

    Much rather a nice manicure

  • Dixie

    I’m curious to try this. I need to get to walgreens.

  • Pam Traino

    I love this product. I happened to hear someone at Wahlgreens talking about them and that she saw someone at the mall whose nails looked beautiful the appliques were what she was wearing. Needless to say 3 months into this I have an awesome french manicure that lasts 2 weeks. They should advertise on Home Shopping. To share a tip with you, if you have any wrinkling after applying just add your own top coat and a quik dry, those wrinkles go away just like that. I love this so much I have shown it to all my friends. It is an incredible product and my nails are stronger and look healthier than ever. Thanks so much

  • http://www.styleitless.com Laurel

    I have used this product 4 times over the last 2 months, each application lasting 10-14 days before it started to look a little ragged. I love it. I have medium length natural nails and I work in health care so I wash my hands MANY times a day. This lasts better than anything else that I have used, including salon manicures. I love the french manicures because I have never been able to accomplish a good white tip before and now I get compliments on my nice manicure and I am thrilled because I did it myself in about 20 minutes wearing my jammies in front of the TV, then I can go to bed and nothing smears overnight.

  • Lauren

    I’m so eager to try this product after reading the good reviews! I’m going to Walgreens today to purchase…hope I like it! :) Michelle…you spoke of these strips ruining your nails, I hope you’re aware that the gel overlay you spoke of getting to make your nails presentable will ruin your nails terribly. I used to wear gels and acrylics, and trust me, your natural nails will never be the same. It’s taken mine 4 years to finally get strong and healthy again!

  • Dixie

    In spite of my less than favorable opinion of a similiar product by Avon, I decided to give the Incoco a try.
    I picked up the French manicure nail tips at Walgreens and after viewing the video at their website I gave it a shot.
    Considering this is my first attempt, I have to say they came out pretty good. not as nice as at the salon but def. better than I could have done free-hand.
    After I applied the white tips I used my own sheer color to finish plus a top coat.
    I will buy this product again.

  • Renee

    Awesome. I’ve been using it for 2 months and loved it so much I gave it to all my friends for their Christmas gifts… and they love it too. I difficult nails with deep ridges (that collect polish, take forever to dry, and make translucent colors appear striped). They are also prone to splitting. Incoco protects my nails, makes them look great, has a great price, and is extremely convenient. I love this product.

  • leena111

    i have been using these for about a month. they go on easily. first time took a while since i wasnt sure of what to do, but since then it has been a cinch. go to the company website for extra help/info. the french is by far my favorite! when i get a manicure my nails chip usually w/i 48 hours and look not so nice in 3 or 4 days. this does not happen with these. i havent left them on for more than a week, so i dont know what their max life is. after a week they still look good, i just like to go natural or switch the color up.

    i have not had any cracking or splitting. they have never came off after a couple hours. i guess it might happen if someone has a chemistry to their nails that reacts badly to the product. i think people may not be buffing, washing, and completely drying their nails before application. anywho, its soooooo worth a try. if it doesnt react well to your mails, you only blew $5!

    this doesnt replace a manicure, but it does replace (and go beyond) a polish change. i still get a manicure every now and then so i can have my cuticles trimmed and a lil massage… but if you want lasting color, go with these!!!

  • Diva

    I heard about the Avon version, but they went out of stock before I could order…saw these in the mall (for $45 for a full set of 6 pkgs) and went home with one sample nail done…I loved it…and quickly discovered that I could purchase at Walgreens for $5.
    I did my first French manicure a week ago and my nails look PERFECT! I have done dishes, cleaned house, typed a zillion emails…they still look PERFECT…I went back today and bought another 5 sets…can’t wait to try the colors!