Day 5 – Dove’s Ultimate Clear 5 Day Challenge

So it’s done! The week went by so fast, didn’t it?

I won’t waste any of your time, you came for the video, so here it is. I will say that Brightcove gave me an improved video screenshot, and I am pleased. Sort of. Looks like I’m doing some sort of bizarre dance. Meh. Whatever. I’ll take that.

Anyyyhooo, enjoy the video, I had blast doing it for you guys and gals and let me know your thoughts! Oh, and nevermind that I flubbed the date. I blame it on the cold I had…and my kid. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. My kid.

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    • Beautopia

      Great post! I’m really more concerned about having smoother underarms at this moment. Maybe it’s just because Fall is here? but that’s my main concern. I’ll have to try it out! Thanks

    • Lorin

      I am totally sold. I hate those white marks on my clothing and if this will prevent them, I’m all over it. Thanks for being the real world guinea pig for the rest of us.

    • Linda SS

      Great demonstration and you sold me on the product as I hate when they get on my clothes. By the way, if I was a production agent, I’d hire you for commercials as you are cute and articulate:)

    • Pascalle

      Thanks ladies! I was kinda nervous before posting the videos, but with awesome readers like you, pfft! Who needs nervousness!

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