Do You Use Liquid Foundation Or Powder Foundation In The Winter?


It’s been so long since I’ve worn liquid foundation; it’s just something I only typically wear in the winter. With mineral makeup increasing in popularity and their foundations being mainly powders, I was wondering how many of you stick to powder foundations throughout the winter and how many of you are like me and use liquid and powder in the colder months?

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    • coachwife6

      I always use liquid foundations. I do love the dior powder foundation, though and sometimes wear that. But I’m a liquid foundation gal.

    • Jacki

      I’m all over the place. I typically use whatever I’ve just fell in love with and I hate to admit it, I’m fickle. Right now I’m using Smashbox FX liquid and also their Function 5 powder. I don’t think I’m in love so I’m on the hunt for something new.

    • Melissa

      I stick with powder Mineral Foundation. During the fall and winter the only thing I do differently is switch to a heavier moisturizer.

    • Rachel

      It’s funny you bring this up because I just started wearing my liquid foundation again for the winter…my skin was acting freaky and looking red so i put on my Estee Lauder Individualist foundation under my powder and I forgot how much better liquid foundation can make your skin look! (Except of course in the summer when it’s melting off your face!)

    • Kyle

      I’ll be honest… In the winter, when I wake up in the morning and it’s freezing and I don’t want to get out of bed, I usually hit the snooze and skip makeup entirely. But on not so lazy days, I will wear tinted moisturizer and powder. For whatever reason I like powder foundation better in the summer.

    • sarahPUFFY

      I prefer liquid, with powder foundation over that for a super matte look – nothing I love more than a matte face and lips with a semi-matte eye.

      I’m a matte freak. tsk.

      though if I’m feeling…dewy, I go for a tinted moisturizer or something with…glowy stuff in it. there’s a chanel foundation called teint innocence that raves about, and well…so does everyone else! so I’d recommend that for anyone looking for something new.

    • Shannon

      Sarah, I am also a matte freak when it comes to my face.

      A few of my friends are the celebrity stylemakers on welovebeauty. :)

    • nilla cookie

      My foundation staples are Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and Lancome’s Dual Finish compact. This gives me the coverage that I need and gives me my preferred matte complexion as well :)

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    • Cynthia

      I like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse makeup. For my skin tone it covers better than other liquid makeups. I mix a little moisturizer in with the makeup. This helps the makeup go on much smoother. I just put the moisturizer on top of the makeup and mix in with my makeup sponge. Then I use a little bit of powder to set the makeup and help with shine. I don’t like using just powder by itself. Only once in a while do I just wear powder by itself.

    • Julie

      I wear liquid in the winter, I think it helps keep my face looking more even. During the summer I try to just use concealer and then some powder.

    • Quynh

      Tinted moisturizer most of the time. Saves time!
      In the summer is of course, mineral/powder.

    • Kristen

      I use Clinique City Defense tinted moisturizer, spf 40. Then a light dusting of bare escentuals foundation for more coverage or if I’m feeling extra oily.

    • Ashley Samantha

      I’ve grown partial to liquid foundations as of late. I used to be a hardcore powder girl, but I just like the coverage of the liquid. My skin gets dry in winter, even in my humid climate, and I find that liquid just works better. But, I may switch back to powder come spring, even though I’m leaning heavily towards tinted moisturizer.

    • yoyosushi3 (thu)

      I also like to use liquid for the colder months. My foundation brush feels neglected other wise. :p Joking aside, I do love the coverage and ease liquid foundation allows. Heck I would still use it too except I know mineral makeup would be much easier on my skin. It’s so much easier to apply too! Unlike mineral makeup, you don’t gotta worry about excess powder flying everywhere -_-

    • Trisha

      liquid or creme for me, no question. i would look like a flakey raisen otherwise

    • SassyT

      Ok, I’ve worn liquid all my life and just can’t get the coverage from anything else…especially mineral powders alone. But I love them over my liquid.
      Lately, I’m not liking how my current liquid looks on my skin. I’m due for a change. I have normal/combo skin – definitely not as oily as I used to be.

      For those of you who like the liquids, what brand/product do you love??

    • Shannon

      Sassy–I have been loving Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene. I gave it a review here a few weeks ago with before and after photos–just do a search for it in my search menu.

    • Joan

      What would you recommend for dry skin, powdered liquid foundation or regular foundation?

    • Evita

      Liquid always – whether it is summer or winter. I don’t have really dry skin but powder foundations make my skin look dry and horrible :(

      L’Oreal Infallible is the latest and greatest one for me – it’ll be tough to find a replacement if it ever goes, that is how good it is for my skin.


      I prefer tinted moisturizer with sun protection. My skin is super dry & for the last yr. I did not use powder. But, now that it is warm, My skin looks too oily without any power over the tinted moisturizer. So, I will have to add a light dusting of powder over that.
      In the past when I used powder alone, it made my face look even more dry. I use all kinds of brands because I love makeup so much. Judy K. Chicago


      HI AGAIN,
      I made a mistake & my post went through before I was finished. Well, I tried the powder over my tinted moisturizer. I now see that the powder does not look good on me at all. So, I will stay with the dewy look. The powders just don’t work for me anymore. All it did was make my face look very dry even with this hot weather. So, I will stick with liquid foundations & also tinted moisturizers.
      Those products work the best for me. Have a nice night, everyone. Judy K. Chicago.

    • sarahPUFFY!

      Judy, you should try blotting sheets to keep oil at bay. Clean and Clear have great sheets, though I believe Biore discontinued theirs. If you would still like to try powder, Urban Decay has a totally invisible powder that doesn’t make skin look cakey OR dry.

      Hopefully, you’ll find a solution.

      xx Puffy


      Thanks Sarah, I will try those products. They sound good to me. I’m glad that you let me know about this. Judy K. Chicago.

    • sarahPUFFY!

      No problem at all. The Clean and Clear sheets are under $5 [usually, but they last forever], and the UD De-Slick Mattifying Powder is $30. If you’d like some reviews on the powder, I’d be happy to e-mail them to you. :D

      xx Puffy


      Thanks again. Yes, I would like to see the reviews about the powder. I really appreciate all of the info you shared. Best Wishes, Judy K.

    • SassyT

      During the winter months, I found and fell in love with L’Oreal’s True Blend foundation. It’s water based, no oils, and has no traces of talc in it (even some liquids have talc and I’m really sensitive to it.) Now that it is summer, I have become the seasonal salad dressing…oily face and pool water! I discovered a great product from Cosmedicine called “Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion SPF20″ It isn’t just a oil controller but is also a hydrator. So in the summer, I don’t need anything else but that. It hides pores great and keeps shine away for over 10 hours on me! Now I use that with my mineral powder foundation over it for a smooth summer look that doesn’t slide down my face!

    • kat

      i really stick to liquid cause its very good on my skin…
      and i really don’t wash my face to hot water cause it cost dry skin and rough..cold water is good for the skin alot.

    • mari

      I have to agree that L’Oreal True Match is the BEST. I get compliments all the time when I wear this – this makeup is so light and it makes your skin look completely NATURAL.
      I also use L’Oreal’s Mineral Powder over the Liquid Foundation. I found that this Powder worked a whole lot better than Bare Minerals. It makes your skin look and feel really soft. Light but covers imperfections very well. Would highly recommend!