Bento Beauty Tip: How to Apply Geisha Makeup

beauty-bento-tips-png.pngI’d like to list the actual cosmetics used in Geisha makeup but I reckon it’ll be more practical for most to make do with what makeup are readily available but can also work. I hope traditionalists won’t get offended by this.

Things you need are:

Wax or oil substance
White powder and water
Pencil Eyeliner Brown/Copper
Liquid Eyeliner Black
Eyeshadow Red and Brown/Copper
Red Lipstick

There are key things you should remember when applying the Geisha makeup. The wax is important so that the white foundation that you will apply all over the face, neck and nape will stick or last. The red dots applied at the corner ends of both eyes are key to the look. The red lipstick will prove to be a handy cosmetic since it can be used for the dots (just don’t forget to pat and blend). Finally, the lip makeup is meant to illustrate a small mouth because I learned that, by custom, Japanese men find them attractive and sensual.

The video will help you learn how to apply the makeup and look like a Geisha makeup. If the video isn’t enough, here’s a fantastic illustration of the Geisha makeup application process. If you wish to learn more on the history behind the makeup and all things Geisha, Wikipedia helps.

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    • Amy

      I mean this in the nicest way possible, but are braces not popular in Japan?

      • “I don’t want to be mean, but I will”

        They’re really, really, really expensive, over 10k. Perhaps Americans are the only ones obsessed with plastic perfect images. Yes, I lived in Japan. Japanese women are just as beautiful as Americans.

    • Sasha Manuel

      I’ll leave that question to people who’ve been to Japan and have noticed. (cuz I honestly don’t know the answer. Hehe) :)

      But in my country, it’s not a custom for all kids to go through “getting their teeth fixed” while growing up, it’s only done when necessary. Most that people would do are teeth cleaning, dentures and fillings. Braces are a bit on the expensive side.

    • Christina

      Sasha – thanks so much for this. My daughter is SO interested in Asian culture, and as a result, is dressing up as a geisha for Halloween. This is just exactly what we needed. I would love to see the more traditional, if you ever run across it in your browsing, I hope you will share. :) Thanks again!

    • Sasha Manuel

      Glad you found it useful, Christina. I’m still working on finding the actual makeup used. Haven’t found any that’s available in the US (or any other country) offline or online. I will update if ever I do! :)

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    • Jessica Spencer

      I think geisha are so cool!!!

    • keri

      hey this is so cool im been looking for this for a couple of months…so thanks

    • Chelsea

      Thank you for an excellent demonstration.
      Where does one get the wax, white powder brushes and red (paint?) or is it is really lipstick?

    • Sasha Manuel

      No worries, Keri and Chelsea. :)

      Chelsea, I reckon you can find the answers on this post: Japanese Geisha-Maiko Makeup & Tools. :)

    • Dane

      I’ve always wondered how they got the make up on their back done, thanks!

    • Sasha Manuel

      No worries! Good to know that you found this post was useful! :)

    • Lori Caines

      Hey there,
      i`m dressing up as a geisha for halloween
      ahahahahah !!
      i just wanted some pretty sweet make-up tips
      that i definatly found here on this website .
      thank you soo much ,
      and i`ll definalty be back for more .

    • Gen

      As for the braces thing.. nope, not popular there at all..Not many places are quite as obsessed with teeth as America is. Infact in Japan, crooked teeth can be considered kinda sexy. I personally am a big fan of the braces and whiteners..

    • Angel

      First…you are beautiful! Second…Thank You…and third your smile is unique to you, and i am sure you have a beautiful smile..(aha caught you).fourth, i have always wondered about the process and application,you have answered any questions i may of had. This was an amazing video i really, really am glad you decided to do this..again…Thank You! =)

    • Dara

      I’m very relieved that you made this! Very helpful! I was unsure of what to use when trying to do the makeup, so I just searched it up today, and I definitely didn’t know that all I needed was the white powder. Thank goodness!

      Thank you again for providing this information!

    • Dara

      Terribly sorry that I didn’t ask this before, but what is a good product of waxy substance that you would recommend? And also, what sort of white powder would I use with the water?

    • http://dogpile wicked pixie


    • Mira

      What kind of wax does she use?Name?

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    • misaki

      Guys you can get authentic Geisha makeup from or

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    • Manny

      Probably if the family had the money…usually, they don’t have that kind of money to spend. If they did, surely she would have done it. It is quite rude to mention such things about someone, especially if they can’t afford to have something like that fixed. How would YOU feel if someone said that about you and you were trying to look your most beautiful with little money to be had?

    • Mio

      Most kids now do. My parents put me through braces. However, since she is older, maybe in her late twenties or early thirties, her parents probably didn’t have the money. Especially if she’s from a rural area. I know my friend didn’t have braces until she was nineteen because of the fact that she was from Rural Kyoto.