Kate Middleton’s Royal Heritage

Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton, may not be so common after all. She apparently has some royal blood in her, being a descendant of King Edward III and Queen Phillipa.

According to a genealogist working for the Daily Express, Kate’s family tree can be traced back to Henry Percy, the third Earl of Northumberland. This, says the paper, means Kate and her sister Pippa can “claim blood ties with every crowned head of Europe and the majority of the British peerage”.

The genealogist explains, “Kate’s great-grandmother, Olive Lupton, an upper-middle-class Victorian, was 13 generations in descent from Henry Percy, third Earl of Northumberland. Olive was therefore 16 generations in descent from Edward III and Queen Phillipa.”

I don’t think this will change her relationship with Prince William and the British royal family at all. But it must be nice to know she has royal ancestors. I wonder if she’s known it all along.

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    • n. carson

      Oh she and her family sound much too Royal for Pr. William and his old family, surely she can do better than William. She should be Queen of her own country already, she doesn’t need William’s old titles, she’s cearly got her own. Surley no one is higher in the land than so highly titled and noble Kate Middleton.

    • vera vermaelen

      Dear Kate,

      On on-off relationship is a failed marriage, future brings what we belong.
      Just want te be a good friend of you and I mean that.
      Vera vermaelen

    • Judith Hunt

      Kate Middleton’s direct blood lines show a mixture of Royalty and common folk, much the same can be said for most of the British population. If we all had totally royal blood lines we would all have claims to the throne, and there would be a lot of squabbling as there was in the past.

      Prince William is 2nd in line to the throne because his claim is the strongest, however his line is not direct to the throne, remember your history lessons, the virgin queen Elizabeth 1st , she had no offspring so the line zigged zagged a little, as it had done previously and more recently.

      Queen Victoria was half German and her husband Prince Albert was a Prince of Germany, and then there was Queen Mary, (of Teck in Germany), and then Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh was a Prince of Greece and Denmark…….all that continental blood.

      Prince William, thank goodness, also has his mother’s blood lines which were British and so makes William the most British heir we have had for a long long time

      Kate Middleton’s blood lines allows her to be described as being a True Brit. Any future offspring of her and William would be the most British of heirs we have possibly ever had.

      All of us have blood line, unless any of us dropped from the sky or just materialise, its just that we cant prove them. Some of us don’t even know who our own fathers are, never mind about generations further back, with out this knowledge we cant claim our heritages, but we all do have blood lines.

      Who Prince William marries is his own business as it is he who will have to live with his choice, not us.

      In the recent past, that we can all remember, a certain Prince of this realm married not for love but for convenience and to beget heirs, and we all know of the disastrous consequences that followed.

      So that particular tragedy has shown that it is better to marry for love, or it is best not to marry anyone. Even occupation of the Throne is not worth living in a mismatch marriage, Prince Edward who married Mrs Simpson knew that. Lessons should and must be learnt.

    • elizabeth bolden

      he would not marry the daughter whos father down the road is on benefits would he

    • elizabeth bolden

      hes been trying her out for eight years not exactly a vestal virgin is she? i knew she was royal and he needed someone that he is not directly related to because of problems the royal family have with ilnesses through inter marrying