• Tue, Nov 13 2007

Vans Espresso Pattern Classic Slip-On


As much as I like the Vans Classic Checkered slip-on, this espresso pattern one is not bad at all. I’m digging it. I could see any of you guys wearing this with anything. The color is just perfect for Fall, isn’t it? While the checkered pair is a classic funky style, this espresso one gives an aura of elegance and preppy. You can buy a pair at Nordstrom on sale for $32.90. Great deal if you ask me. :)

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  • chandra

    ada gak sepatu vans yang kayak gini tp yg model kulit warna hitam

  • lufti

    if sombody know, where i can buy exactly these shoes, please tell me!!!

  • Ben Va

    Wow i love these shoes

  • vivek choudhary

    love these shoes this brand is realy good where can i get these shoes in please let me know if its

  • Ciuyte

    Its so freakin’ unfair i live in Poland and i can buy these shoes for 200 PLN (minimum)