More Fugly Evisu Genes Diacock Jeans To Waste Your Money On!!



You are going to sit there, staring at me, with your straight face, with no hint of laughter or disdain and tell me You are going to spend about $200 to have any one those fugly Evisu Genes jeans? Either I should call Daddy’s accountant or set up and appointment with Dr. Phil, I’m not sure which step I should take first.

I don’t care how authentic they are. Or whether they are “quality” jeans. There are other brand of jeans who have stood the test of time, like for example Levi’s, that are never as ugly as those Evisu Genes Diacock Jeans. I don’t care if one person had to sew every thread on that jeans. Or how many times they beat the crap out of a rock to test it’s durability. Those are ugly jeans and you are better off spending your money on a much better brand to avoid being laughed at by people on the streets. ‘Coz trust me, they will. The people who “compliments” you are lying and are laughing behind your back, literally.

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    • Mike

      It looks like those guys need some pepto bismal… or imodium AD.

    • Ale

      Wow.. you are completly wrong! First of I think your exagerating way too much there. Those are some ugly colors but there are plenty of decent, great looking evisu jeans out there. As a owner of several pairs I highly recomend the puma x evisu edition! And I guarentee nobody will laugh at you.

      Evisu jeans are known for their extremely good quality and over the years famous people have worn them, thus creating a lot of hype! Expensive but long lasting jeans.

    • ufcchuck.

      Levi’s yeah right!!!!!!evisu are one of the best out there.
      and i have many pairs inc the ultra rare 3 leather pockets on each leg and the back pockets are also leather aswell stunning jeans.
      so back to the boring levi’s jeans yeah if you want to look like an old forgie and have no class then levi’s are right up your street……
      also d&g, ozeki, moschino etc are great designer jeans. and levi’s are shite plain and no style end of.

    • Dexie

      How long has Levi’s been around? And how long has Evisu been producing ugly jeans? Yeah.

    • Mike

      Levi’s arn’t all old-man pants. They have some great cuts. Most people are just used to seeing what they sell in walmart. They are doing smart business by selling to different markets. Some of them even *gasp* cost more than these fugly jeans.

      I really hope that ufcchuck is kidding about the three leather pockets on each leg. *barf*.

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    • metoo

      Funny how you guys focus on the atrocious evisu designs as reason to not wear the brand, yet fail to show other, decent examples. Like these for instance:

      or how bout these:

      Just wondering……

    • metoo

      Oh, and you obtained those ugly pictures from nordstrom. They were last pairs left, since (GASP!!!) no one wanted them.

    • Deezy

      You have no idae of what you are talking about. You picked out the worst Evis had, and they still weren’t that bad. I have a pair of Daicocks, with the white gull, and the wash and cut of them is beautiful. You can take Evis through hell, and they will still be better quality than brand new Levis. They’re very durable and dependable. So don’t tell others who like to look nice not to buy exclusive clothing. Go buy your K-Mart Levis and keep nice brands out of it

    • la

      some evisu are ugly some are fly just like all pants co have nice and ugly jeans but i like evisu cause they different

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    • Jeff

      Don’t you think you should at least try them on, or own a pair before judging? I agree not all of them are as attractive as others… but have you seen the crap D&G, Prada, and other fashion houses have produced? Sure, they have awesome, quality stuff, but every now and then they produce ugly stuff. I own two very tasteful Evisu denim JACKETS, not pants, and I really must say that they feel like a second pair of skin, and just get better with each wear (literally! They break in to the wearer’s body style) Maybe you should find something you like by Evisu (yes, it’s possible, no matter how snobby you are) and wear it for a few months. We’ll talk then.

    • Leonard Washington

      “Daicock” means big dick in japanese. So, ‘naturally’ these jeans aren’t for everyone.

    • evisu

      Wow, Amazing. those jeans looks funny but yet it’s cool. i love the way you create those design to the jeans. i was fascinated by your style. keep it up!