A Psycho Bunny Scarf For You!

psycho-bunny-striped-scarfIf the name Psycho Bunny doesn’t catch your curiosity at first, how about seeing the graphic of a psycho bunny yourself? On a fringed and tonal stripes scarf no less. Such a nice counterpart to the ever-so-notorious pink Playboy’s Bunny ears if you ask me ;) . Something funky to show off when out and about and I’m guessing a nice conversation piece among the family and friends during the holiday get-togethers. Beats wearing a Christmas Tree printed scarf, No? Get it here.

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    • Hooper

      This isn’t from Hot Topic? I’ll be. Regardless, I’m pretty much over the whole “skull motif” thing – especially when it’s a “cutesy” skull.

      (incidentally – the playboy bunny is even tackier, were that possible.)

    • http://sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      Hooper, I still like skulls. Depends on how the print is styled though. I like it subtle, not too bold. I thought this psycho bunny scarf was kinda funny :) .

    • http://www.popgirlsetc.net Daniel

      I bought one of these off of their website back in november. They are so beautifully made! It was 100% english cashmere. Its my favorite scarf i’d have to say.