Meet Phoebe of Swipe Some Gloss!

Phoebe Ramos, Swipe Some Gloss | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty Blog

At the last b5media-sponsored Blogger Mixer held at Kape Isla in Serendra, I’ve been fortunate to mingle with old blogger friends and meet new ones. I was manning the registration table and playing the role of host and welcoming committee when I spotted this pretty lady step in the cafe wearing this gorgeous bob. I was floored when I found out that she’s one of the local Beauty Bloggers! Fantastic!

My dear beauties, meet Phoebe Ramos of Swipe Some Gloss! You’ll love her beauty finds and makeup application techniques esp eye makeup! Oh, I simply loved her hair! I wish my hair was as funky as hers! Perhaps I should ask her to take me to her hair dresser. Ha. And, btw, you won’t fail to notice her lovely eye makeup that night. Love, love, love it!

More beautiful people up next!

Photo © 2007 Phoebe Ramos

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    • Sophie

      Phoebe’s trained by her MAC MUA friends abroad, that explains her amazing eye makeup talent! Guru, guru! Super photographer, too. She’s a goddess! :P Why Phoebe why! :P

    • tony

      she seems ok.

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