• Thu, Dec 6 2007

Do You Have a Tourmaline Hair Dryer Yet?

I know I have harped on about how I love the tourmaline hair dryers. I have used one for nearly a year now, and while they cost a little extra cashola, they are well worth it. They dry your hair faster, and they keep your hair in better heath. Those two things alone are worth throwing your old hair dryer out and upgrading. Truly.

Now, if I were a husband or had a friend or a sister or a mother who was still using their skanky old clogged up vent, dirty hair dryer that you have to slap around to get it going (I KNOW you’re not doing this…lol) – and without an intervention would be using it til the day it croaked or exploded and burned up their house, I would truly think about getting my wife/friend/sister/mother a new hair dryer. It is very easy to say that these dryers aren’t different, that the technology has not improved, but honestly, it has. It really has!


Conair is a company who has been with us for a very long time. They have always put out great products, and they have stepped up to the latest and greatest hair styling technology with their Infinity line. I have a video (oh you will love this) with their new Infinity hot rollers, and I promise I will edit it and get it up soon (I have been massively lazy this last couple of weeks, and a good bit sickly with a sinus infection this week), but I wanted to show you the hair dryer, because it is awesome, and well worth its $54.99 price tag.

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