• Fri, Dec 7 2007

Bisadora Black Silk Garter Purse – Yay or Nay?


Yes. You read right. A GARTER purse. Lawd, I done seen errythang!

And for $19.00 you get have it.

But if you think about the idea behind this purse, it’s quite clever.

How many times have you been to the club and didn’t feel like bringing a purse with you? *Raises hand*

How many times have you been to a party and was the one out of your entire crew of girlfriends with the largest handbag there, so all your friends who DIDN’T bring a purse, begged you to put their ___________ (lipstick, cell, mirror, keys, ID, etc, etc, you fill in the blank) in your bag? *Raises hand*

How many times have you been annoyed while on the dancefloor because your purse kept bumping into the person dancing next to you (since you left it hanging from your shoulder)? *Raises hand*

And how many times have you been annoyed at not being able to shake it like Beyoncé on the dancefloor because you were too busy trying to keep an eye on your clutch, that you left on a chair/bench/table/hidden under a coat? *Raises hand*

If this sounds like you, then this could be perfect for you.

But, um, I’m saying though… a garter purse??? So, I’m supposed to hike up my skirt or dress and reach UNDER my outfit to get access to my money, ID, and keys? Is that how this works? I’m confused! …And traumatized!

Can you just imagine the looks you’d get doing this???

C’mon tell me: Yay or Nay?

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  • Mommy V

    I’d do it.. if I can open my purse on the side of my thigh (not inner!!!) and I’d rock a skirt (not dress) short enough to just swoop/sliiiiide my leg to the side and look sexy doing it…plhueeezzz, i’d do it :)

  • http://www.beautymarketbuzz.blogspot.com SageRave

    Well it’s about time these came back! I am surprised more stores haven’t stocked them.

  • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

    LOL! Well then! I may have to look into this more now.. I mean, it would be quite convenient? Non?

  • http://www.thetrendsetter.wordpress.com Kawana

    I would do it too, its fashionable but you gotta do it right. I say YAY!!!

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  • http://pretaporterprostitute.blogspot.com Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

    i think this is pretty good for travel to places where concealing your purse is a must

  • http://heatheries.etsy.com Martin Dore

    I love this idea! I saw another really cool store for them, too… heatheries.etsy.com. So much easier!