Fashionably Late: Stacy London’s dress update!

I’ve had many requests on Stacy’s black dress from Friday night’s episode. After scouring the web, we finally have your answer!

The dress is from Australian designer Jayson Brundson F/W 2007 collection, which is available at both Neiman Marcus and Saks.


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    • ElaineGoldberg

      Hi. I was watching Fashionably Late w/Stacy London on December 14, 2007. I love her pink dress. Give send me info about the dress and where I could puchase one just like it. It is the style I love. Thank you.
      Elaine Golber

    • lori

      I turned on the tv a the end of the segment for cooking. What was the bean recipe?

    • Elaine Pataio

      I’m looking for information on the red dress Stacy wore on Friday’s episode(12/14). I want it!

      thank you

    • Sandrine Blais-Deschênes

      Boujour! I was watching fashionably late (as every body else) and I was wondering if you knew anything about what dress Beckie Newton (Ugly Betty’s star) was wearing with her miu miui shoes.

    • rony taggar

      anyone know who design the black dress that stacy london wore on Dec 28 episode ? the blck and silver

    • juls

      YES, I love the black and silver that she wore on dec. 28. I’d love to know the designer/where to find it!

    • Karen

      I am looking for information on the dress Stacy wore on what not to wear.It was either black or navy with silver buttons on the side at the waist. I was like a shift dress. Did anyone see it? The show ran on friday 12/28.Thanks,

    • Samantha

      I will look into both of the above.

      juls- I think the black and silver dress may be Tory Burch.

    • Kylee


      I was watching a re-run of WNTW tonight (the “Wear are they now?” episode) And I absolutely LOVE the red and white dress Stacy was wearing on the show! I have to have it! Does anyone know who made it or where to get it? I’m not even sure how old that episode is…so I hope it’s not to late! Thanks! : )

    • Samantha

      Hey, Kylee! Thanks for stopping by! Can you tell me what episode it was…as in what was the name of the makeover recipient? That will make it easier for me to try and track down. Thanks!

    • Jen

      On tonight’s episode of What not to Wear, Stacy wore this awesome white dress with black trim on the sleeves/skirt. Can anyone tell me where to get it???

    • karen

      I am looking for the cream with a foral design, red flowers & green leave, knee length & fitted on Fashion Fanatic at 11.45 am 5th June on TLC-W.. anyone know where to find this ?

    • Lauren

      Hi Samantha, i was also looking for the red dress that Kylee is talking about that Stacy wore on episode 8/24/2007. It was the episode where they met with previous people to see where they are now. The dress was red with white flowers. Could anyone tell me where that is from? Thanks!

    • Jennifer

      I am also very very very interested in finding the designer of the dress Stacy was wearing on the ‘Wear are they now’ episode. It was red with white piping on it and white flowers along the hemline. sososososo cute!

    • Magda

      Hi, I was watching What not to wear Episode 17 Season 6. Stacy wore in the beginning of this episode (makeover of Jennifer the fashion organizer) a white dress with red and black flowers. Could you tell me where i could purchase a similar one?
      Thank you Magda

    • tiffany

      I have been looking for the green dress worn by Stacy London on the Jodi episode. She is wearing a green dress when they are going through Jodi’s closet..Please help!! Thanks you:)