• Tue, Dec 11 2007

Win 2 Eco-Friendly Totes From Origins Organics

Origins Organics just lunched their Organics line in Beauty arena. Alongside it are these re-usable totes to promote eco-friendly living. Organic bags sure had an onslaught movement this year. If you’re not a hardcore eco-living person, don’t fret. You’re not alone. But every little bit counts. I’m sure you do recycle. Well I hope you do :) . Because I love you my lovely ladies and it’s the Holiday season, I’m giving away 2 Eco-Friendly Totes from Origins Organics. You’re lucky. I want one for myself but I’m being generous and giving both to you instead. So you can keep one for yourself and give the other one to a friend. The pictures don’t show the real size but I assure you they’re bigger than that. Big enough to fit a laptop and more space. Perfect for grocery shopping.


More info on how to win these organic totes after the fold…

All you have to do is leave a comment here stating how fabulous I am and how much you love Style It Less and that you’ll go nuts if your computer dies on you and you can’t visit me for a day. :) :) :) .

Kidding, but it wouldn’t hurt ;) . Seriously, just leave a comment on this post, say whatever(nothing hateful of course), with a valid e-mail address then you’ll be automatically entered to a random drawing. US and Canada residents only. Contest ends on the 18th so you’ve got a week. Alrighty, good luck!

Meanwhile, visit Origins Organics to find out more about their organic lines.

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  • Jessica

    I LOVE all the origins cosmetics – especially the once upon a shine gloss… ROCK IT origins.

  • k


  • megan

    Any blog dedicated to saving money without sacrificing fashion is my kind of blog! ;) I’ll be subscribing!

  • http://www.shopalicious.com Shopalicious

    I’m tired of those “I’m not a plastic bag” bags anyway – this is a fresh alternative!

  • Cindi Hoppes

    “Happy Holidays! I am so glad that I have found your site! You cover a lot of territory on your site. Lots of great ideas! Thanks,Cindi

  • http://styleitless.com Dexie

    Jessica, I’ve read lots of good stuff about it. I might try ‘em myself too :)

    K, cute, aren’t they?

    Megan, thanks. I’ll keep hunting those bargains :)

    Shopalicious, yup, these have cooler slogans :)

    Cindi, I try. Come back soon :)

    Goodluck Ladies!!

  • http://www.saintnthecity.com donna counts

    I love these bags!!!!

  • Maureen

    Oooh, nice bags!

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  • http://www.afhandcrafts.blogspot.com Alliston

    You have a wonderful blog that I visit whenever I visit my Mum and Sister’s blogs.. I love those bags, they would make fabulous Christmas gifts!

  • Tiffany

    I love reading your blog. I get a lot of great ideas here! Please include me in the drawing!

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  • http://abookwormsdiary.blogspot.com/ aBookworm

    What better gift for our beloved Earth this holiday season than to Go Green! Count me in. I love this prize!

  • kimi

    I love these bags !!!

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  • Angel

    This is a wonderful blog, saves money and good for the environment. Keep up the great work.

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  • Dodo O

    You are absolutely fabulous. And I love the Totes. Anything to save the earth :)

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  • kitty

    I really like those bags.

  • NP

    I love those bags!

  • Christina

    StyleItLess is the best!

  • http://www.yuppiepunk.org alison

    Oooo.. Way cuter than the “not a plastic bag”.

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  • http://gloryfades.org Akasha

    Came this way from whatsmywardrobetoday.blogspot.com. Nifty site and I love the bags. I’m definitely subscribing!

  • Julia

    Hopefully using those bags will prick the conscience of other people so they’ll be more environmentally. Not only by reusing bags but conserving water, electricity, gas, and being less wasteful with food. We have so much and others so little. It wouldn’t hurt to consume less so we can spread the wealth and save it for future generations.

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  • Ashley K

    How adorable! What a fresh and funny concept, cuter than many styles out there. I love your site, thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • M. Rosini

    I always get compliments on my shopping bags, I make them from recycled bits of old clothes and materials I thought would go with just about whatever I was wearing. I don’t know about a high fashion statement – but fun – yes! I think they’re much easier on the hands if you’ve got a good load, and besides, did you ever try to sling a plastic bag over your shoulder? Not gonna happen. I think I DO make a difference by re-using things. I’d probably do some jazzin up to these if I won them, but that’s just my style. I like to personalize for that one-of-a-kind vibe.

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  • Veronica

    These bags are so clever and so useful! Your site is great!

  • Chris

    In just under the wire! Nice site :)

  • Tee

    I love these bags..i’ve been looking everywhere for these bags…
    i am sucha an earth lover and always advise everyone in my household to do their part.
    i love anything that think about the world.
    i hope there will be more sites like this
    You guys rock!! =D

  • bkmabrey

    i love Origins too

  • Fay

    Those totes are so cute and funny in what they say.

  • Tanya

    lol I like the “I dont get wasted” bag very cute words to be taken as a joke.

  • Jenny

    Funny humor on bags, made me smile! I like them!


    many people are using them when they shop in nashville

  • Fay

    A place to put your lovely organic veggies.

  • Pearl

    a nice bag, i already have an eco bag

  • Pearl

    calling everyone to forgo on plastics on grocery bags, use your chic eco bags.

  • Tanya

    i wanted to participate

  • Tanya

    I collect these eco bags

  • Tanya

    only reason i keep plastic bags is i use them in the garbage bins at home. so no more plastic bags in stores means i gotta spend money on garbage catchers BUMMER

  • Dixie

    love reusable shopping bags.

  • BKMabrey

    reusable bags are great!

  • BKMabrey

    I need to go green!

  • Fay

    I buy too many veggies and fruits to only have one though.

  • Fay

    These are far cuter than plastic bags too!

  • Fay

    I’ve never taken one of these into a mall or clothing store… sucks that those plastic bags are still being used.

  • Tanya

    I dont get wasted lol