Hannah Montana Rhinestone Boots On Sale For $20

hannah-montana-boots.jpgFrom the highly admired Disney show Hannah Montana starring Miley Cyrus, this rhinestone studded boots is all the rage. I’m sure this will go nicely with the Hannah Montana Jeans and Tees I’ve posted months ago? Buy it at Payless on sale for $19.99.

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    • carri

      i need a pair of these boots in size 13 1/2. contact me asap

    • anna

      these have been recalled they are a falling hazard so if got um and u dont believe me check online

    • pretty in pink

      please give 3me these boot kay kappesh bye see ya later

    • http://non mich

      please tell me how much thease bots is pounds

    • / Carri-Lynn

      I need these boots in size 39. (I’m german, I don’t know the american sizes)Can you mail me how I can get them?

    • http://myspace melissam villalobos

      i would like to go there

    • http://mdfg.com rene

      im not looking for stupid boots come on people put more hannah montana shoes on here im looking for cheetah shoes

    • Giulia

      Quelle scaffale ci sono bruttissimo `e insomma pericoloso………..CHE PECATTO!!!

    • smiley:)

      hi i really like hannah montana and i would really some of theese boots. I dont get to see her in coincert becouse the tickets are quite dear but i would love some boots.

      How much are they in pounds? please let me know please i really want theese

      and what sizes do they go up to becouse i need a a size 5/6

    • http://hotmail nairy


    • http://styletots kelli

      my grandaughter,jayden is 5,her dad just past away.she starts kindergaden this year,she loves.loves.loves hannag montana,but we cant afford much,if you can help her get hannah sneakers,we would really ap[preciate that,,thank you so much….ezcheetah2007@yahoo.com

    • http://bigpond peppa

      How much are they and are they for sale?
      How do i buy them if they are for sale?
      Is there a hannah montana show in Brisband?

      YES NO

      Anwer and wright back please and let me know by this Saturday. thank you

    • VHfan

      Hannah u ediot. Ur boot are ediotic

    • ragini

      Hannah you shoes are ossom blossom

    • http://(?) Taylor

      come 2 maryland