• Wed, Dec 12 2007

Spider-Man 3 and CARS Winter Snow Boots [BOYS] From PAYLESS

Now I know my son would go absolutely nuts for these winter snow boots. Too bad we don’t get that much snow here in NC. I hope your son enjoys them though :)

SPIDER-MAN 3 Winter boots, $27.99

Cars Snow Boot, $29.99

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  • Veronica

    what size are the spiderman snow boots?

  • alicia

    they should make spider man snow boots for teens for girls and boys

  • http://hall.shemeka@yahoo.com Shemeka

    Can you tell me if they have the spiderman snow boots in sizes 12 and 2 for boys ages 7 and 9? Please respond ASAP?

  • http://... mario

    can i help me

    i want spider man 3 boots … can you tell me where i take this?


  • http://shoppys Buddy

    HELLO, shameka u can take that ASAP comment and pound it up yor fat ass, and Mario learn english u moron..

  • Gabriela

    Hi, I love the spider man boots, where can I buy them??? thank you!

  • saba


    I need the spider man boots, where can I buy them pleas help me???

    thank you!

  • saf

    hi want to purchase the cars snow boots size uk 8 could you please tell me if you have any in stock

  • Lb

    Need spiderman snow boots for 5 year old. Size 11. Where can I find them?