• Thu, Dec 13 2007

Helpful Holiday Shopping Tips.

image I am just not having the best time shopping this season. I cannot either find what I am looking for, narrowing down the sales, or even simply having the time to devote to any and all of the holiday shopping. Ugh.

Here are a few of my helpful holiday shopping tips.

  1. Know your budget and stay within it.
    Hey, everything is expensive these days and people understand. You cannot buy friendship or love, so be reasonable. It truly is the thought that counts and not so much how much you did or did not spend.
  2. Be careful of shipping rates.
    Especially with Christmas being less than two weeks away, you must check the shipping charges before your complete your online checkout. Your great deal might not be as great once you add in the shipping.
  3. Shop early morning or late at night.
    The crowds are less and sales abundant. Doorbuster and late night sales are my favorites, and many are unadvertised. So pick you favorite stores and check them out when you have the time.
  4. Shop alone.
    Shopping with friends can take up more time than shopping alone and it can also make you want to keep up with her and spend more than you alloted.
  5. Check the refund policies.
    Get gift receipts, keep as much of the tag attached to an item and make sure that stores are giving you a reasonable amount of time for your gift recipient to return or exchange their item.
  6. Have fun.
    Simply put if you are not having fun, it will only stress you out. And you know the old saying, when you are not having fun then no one is, rings definitely true especially when it involves holiday shopping.
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