Quentin Tarantino Wears The Philippines Barong Tagalog @ Golden Globes Announcement


Didn’t I just talk about Philippines Men’s National Costume, Barong Tagalog, the other day? I was watching the Golden Globes Nomination announcement a few hours ago and while I was trying to pay attention to who got the nods, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Quentin Tarantino. I just knew he was wearing the Barong Tagalog. While the SKB Remixer put a punk twist to it, Quentin wore the Barong Tagalog tradionally, as a formal suit.

I vaguely remember a Filipino article months ago of how Quentin was in the Philippines and talking about how much he likes the Philippines Men’s Wear. I thought he was just bullshitting. I should have known that the great Tarantino would never do that :). I apologize for ever doubting him for a minute. I swear I love Pulp Fiction :).

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    • http://www.chikitorocks.multiply.com Arlene

      He got that when he visited the Philippines for Cinemanila. If I am not mistaken, his barong was made by the Tesoro’s.

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    • zelai


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    • http://filipinocultured.blogspot.com/2007/12/quentin-tarantinos-barong-tagalog-today.html Filipino Cultured >> Quentin Tarantino’s Barong Tagalog today on the Golden Globes Nomination show

      […] Here in L.A., I was watching the Live Golden Globe Nomination Awards Announcement TV special this Sunday morning on the E! Entertainment channel […]

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    • ken

      The Barong Tagalog is the recommended attire when visiting the Philippine head of state. Most delegates are automatically gifted by their Filipino hosts with one. And their store of choice is Tesoro’s which carries the widest assortment of barongs, with a price to suit every budget and a style to suit every taste.

      Tesoro’s must have done such a good job as Quentin saw it fit to wear the barong again and in front of an international media event at that.
      Tesoro Barongs can be ordered on-line at http://www.tesoros.ph. There is an on-going promotion right now with very good prices to be had for a wide selection of barongs for men and women.

    • juvy

      I couldn’t be prouder that the Philippines National men’s wear called Barong Tagalog is worn by a world famous director like Quentin Tarantino and in the international event like Golden Globes that’s awesome!

    • Paula

      Holy crap! I didn’t even know. lol

    • james

      Thats great. At least someone like Quentin Tarantino is open to his styles like wearing barong tagalog. Well, saw look a like style of this barong at http://www.barongfilipinodesigns.com

    • MD

      I just stumbled upon this old post right now. That is awesome! I wore one of these at my wedding and they really do rock (esp. in the summer). I heard that these were invented when the Spanish forced Filipinos to wear untucked shirts. Pinoys dressed ‘em with embroidery and made them formal shirts meant to be untucked. Not baggin’ on Spain here. I’m part Spanish myself. But I agree with Zelai. Totally astig.

    • Jay

      wow. I have been fighting my wife for week because she wants me to wear one for my brother in law’s wedding but I refuse because I’m not filipino however after seeing this crazy Tarantino guy, I got to have onen and since the wedding is two month away I have time to have the barong made for me instead of ordering online. Does anyone knows a good taylor in the iloilo city area? I’m also willing to travel to cebu for a good taylor.

    • Joey Guadalupe

      he’s wearing it all wrong.

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