George Clooney, The Epitome of Men’s Style


Here’s George Clooney in his white crisp unbuttoned collar shirt(pay attention Chris Daughtry) at the Belstaff – New Flagship Store Opening, in Rome Italy with girlfriend Sarah Larson. Seriously, besides Cary Grant, George Clooney pretty much takes the crown/scepter for the Stylish Man Award. As far as She Knows Best is concerned, he’s the epitome in everything endeavor he delves himself into.


That Sarah Larson chick is a lucky gal. Who knew all you had to do was eat something disgusting on TV for a reality show called Fear Factor then years later you’re dating the most powerful and eligible Bachelor in Hollywood. Freakin’ Ey. Some women are that lucky I guess. Le Sigh!! :) :)


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    • minijoi

      Oh my GOD. It’s not enough he’s gorgeous and has the style sense of Cary Grant and Steve McQueen rolled into one (he can rock an armani tuxedo or look killer handsome in torn-up blue jeans and oil-stained biker boots) but he has Character (note the capital C). If he’s not making risky and intelligent movies, he’s traveling into the heart of darkness in Darfur refugee camps (with his father no less) or pleading with the U.N. to stop the genocide. He’s freaking superman and Cary Grant rolled into one. It’s enough to make a girl SWOON.

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