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To Ugg Or Not to Ugg, THAT is the Question – Reader Request


Ah… The UGGs question. Yes, yes, they are UGG-ly (tell me that joke hasn’t been run to the flippin’ ground!) but I think I’m gonna take the plunge soon. I really do.

Hot Mama Daily reader Tbabe wrote a comment yesterday asking the question:

Hey everyonee…
alright..so, I was thinking of purchaseing the UGGS knockoff from gojane.com..I was just wondering if its worth it?”

Well Tbabe, there’s a few things you need to ask yourself. First off, I don’t have a pair either real or knockoff, so I’m noooo UGG expert (there’s my disclaimer!) so I can’t answer your GoJane question, but the one question you should ask yourself is this:

“Do I want the pair for FASHION or WINTER/WARMTH purposes?”







That is what it boils down to. If you want a pair to do a Celeb Same Look for Less type of thing, then at $12.99 @ GoJane.com for a knockoff pair, totally go for it (keep in mind the quality you’ll be getting at the price though b/c truth be told, that’s the best price I’ve seen anywhere).[tagbox tag="uggs"]

However, for those of us (like me) who live in areas where the temperature goes to below freezing every damn day in the winter, and you have snow to fight with, then it’s probably a good idea to invest in a real pair (attention Montreal, Canada residents!! An UGG Australia boutique store just opened up last month downtown! It’s the only boutique in Canada at the present time. What perfect timing, huh? Just in time for winter and Christmas. How. Convenient.)

Whether it’s on-line or retail, a real pair of UGG Australia boots will cost you anywhere from $99.00 USD – $300.00 USD plus. Ouch. I know. Yeah, yeah, sure, you can find you a pair of UGG Australia boots on eBay, but if you are hellbent on getting a real pair, BEWARE OF FAKES. I found an absolutely wonderful real vs. fake guide (click here). Read it. Thoroughly. I learned sooo much from it.

The difference in price for a real pair comes with the style/height of the boot. I’ll stick to the classic versions for our discussion:

Classic Mini (around $100.00)


Classic Short (around $120.00)


Classic Tall (around $150.00-$200.00)


The one I have my eye on is the Ugg Ultra Tall in Chocolate (this color is sold out almost everywhere though!!! :(


Zappos is selling these $203.95 USD. Ouch.

If you look at the sole, you can see the difference between this one and the Classic Tall is the molded rubber outsole. If I’m spending that much for a boot, I’d like for it to have a sturdy snow and slush resistant sole b/c these Canadian winters are NO JOKE! I’m a chick from New York City, so while I’m used to snow, I had no idea how brutal the winters are up here in O Canada (am I looking for excuses to validate my possible upcoming UGG purchase??? Me thinks, yes…But I digress…)

The good thing about the real boots, from what I’ve learned, they can be worn in ALL seasons. They keep your feet warm in winter in cool and the warmer months. Hence the reason so many celebs in Cali wear them all year round.

Pamela Anderson was actually the celeb who made them super popular after being photographed wearing them on the Baywatch set back in the day, but she apologized for wearing them (earlier this year) since finding out they are sheepSKIN and we all know she’s a hardcore PETA rep. To be fair though, according to People mag, UGG responded saying,

“Sheepskin is a natural byproduct of the food industry. There is no animal abuse in our production.”

Anyway, if you want more information to make your decision (geez like what I provided wasn’t enough?!) SheFinds.com has a detailed UGG Australia buying guide complete with the newer styles and all. Be sure to check that out too.

So, in conclusion (dammit I feel like I’m back in college and wrote a dissertation on UGGs!), I say think of the purposes your boots will serve for you before making your final decision.

Tbabe, hope this helped! Let us know what you decide!

Edited to Add: As my blogging sister Wass’hot pointed out in the comments below, if you opt to buy real UGGs, you should buy a size DOWN from your regular shoe size. The shoes stretch quite a bit and you want them to stay snug.

C’mon tell me: real or knockoff (for UGGs)?

(Celeb pics courtesy of ASOS and SheFinds.com)

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  • http://bellalovespink.blogspot.com doreen

    I have a pair of the authentic Ultra Tall UGG boots and I LOVE them!! Super comfy and warm AND fashionable. I live in AZ where, honestly, they’re not all that practical, but I wear them every chance I get.

  • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

    Doreen, you’re the perfect person to ask then: since you’re in the desert (literally), do they keep your feet cool in the warmer seasons?

  • http://wasshot.wordpress.com Wass’hot

    hi! I just can’t leave without my pair of uggs during winter time. I love them because they are easy to step in and keep the feet warm. I think it’s worth it to go for the real UGGS, especially that you can find good deals on the web. Don’t pay full price at the store please. Very IMP: don’t by your boots too big, because they enlarge very much after a few time worn… and it look very sloppy.
    ok! i’m done! ;)

  • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

    Hey Wass’hot ;)

    Yes! Good point! I forgot to mention the size issue.. I’ll edit the post now thanks!

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com Christina

    No no no. No. But if you must, you must go real. :) I am heading my warm blooded TX butt to Toronto this weekend, and I was scared of the cold already – and this didn’t help anything. Do I need to rethink my hatred of Uggs?????

  • http://bellalovespink.blogspot.com doreen

    Uggs in warm weather just make your feet (and shins) hot. I only wear them when it’s cool.

    But more often than not, it’ll be 90 degrees and I’ll see the college girls sportin’ the uggs and the super short mini. I think they’re regarded more as cute and comfy slippers than boots.

  • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

    Thanks Doreen. Yeah I figured there was no way sheepskin could keep one’s feet THAT cool in the summer. I guess it’s more for spring like weather when it’s in-between here on the East Coast.

    Christina, um.. yeah I hated them too, but I’m totally rethinking the whole thing. And Toronto? Um. Yeah, you better stock up b4 you go. I told my mom the same thing when she was thinking of flying in (my mom lives in TX too) be READY for the cold! Winter hit us very early this year…

  • http://dailydosecoffee.blogspot.com Meredith

    I have a pair of hot pink UGGs that I bought while skiing two years ago. I do love them, and they are as cute as a pair of ugly boots can be, but I don’t wear them out and about very often. They really are like a comfy pair of slippers, and for very casual occasions when it’s cold, they are perfect. But I’d never wear them to work or a social event. They are great for bumming around the ski lodge, though!

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  • http://www.yummy411.blogspot.com kia

    hey p! i was just thinking that i wanted a cool, casual and cute boot. i am so tired of the UGG, but the more i look around and can’t find an alternative, i’m being drawn to them. for my initial yawn on the ugg, i feel like getting the knockoff- also because assessing my need for them… to be worn and just plain comfy (the whole slipper that can be worn outside)- the $25 knockoffs from tarjay will do! walmart even had the sweater version for $15.. a steal!

  • Tina

    i no dis is a silly question
    buh are uggs gd 4 skiin??

  • annie

    omg! i love my uggs they are so cute i have every color short and tall! they are great for running around. they are so comfy and soft. idk who could think diffrent i meen really. i think everyone should get e pair of uggs even guys!(but the guy kind) and if you cant afford the real you cant go wrong with a pair of fuggs! (fake uggs) i am wearin my short sand ones right now! alright i really recamend getting uggs there is nothing to hate about them

  • B.

    Here’s my question’s…I live in Brazil (South America) and the winter here is not that strong
    (it doesn’t snow here)…BUT I dreamt my hole life to buy an Ugg, now I have the chance because I’m going to travel…MY QUESTIONS ARE…

    PS: Sorry about my poor english!

  • http://www.tracyhopkins.net Tracy Hopkins

    Hi B,

    Thanks for reading Hot Mama Daily. I don’t own a pair of UGG’s, but I have also considered buying a pair.

    1) Since you live in Brazil — which by the way is one the best places I’ve ever visited (Rio and Bahia)– your feet will probably be hot in UGG’s since they seem to be pretty well insulated.

    2) Americans mostly wear UGG’s during the fall and winter when it’s chilly. But if you will be visiting a colder climate, they’ll be perfect.

    3) Another option is to purchase an UGG’s knock-off that will give you a similar look for less money. And since the knock-off is cheaper, it won’t be as well insulated or warm. Sketchers and Nine West have knock-offs.

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  • Emilyy

    i havee 13 pairs of UGGs andd i lovee themm; i would NEVER get a knock- off pair

  • kalla

    i am getting good Skecher knock offs for winter. The Skecher uggs are warm but not as warm as real Uggs. But they are cheap enough, they range from $30 to $60.

  • http://www.ugg-women-boots.com/ lulu

    yes,uggs,i love its!!!!!!!!

  • Anti Uggy

    Well they would be great if they didn’t look like a chunk of clay somone lazy shoved on their foot. The designers are idiots haha, it probably took them 5 seconds to make a design.

    Also they are promoting animal cruelty. Just by wearing them you are giving them more and more money, therefore they will continue harming animals in order to make them. This is the truth. I called the company, went to PETA and found out many bad things. Most sheep are killed for uggs, and the ones that aren’t (and are shaved) are abused to the point where they want to die anyway.

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  • bffl

    kan het ook in het nederlands