• Sun, Dec 16 2007

8 Uses for Cotton Balls


You know that big bag of cotton balls kept in your bathroom vanity? They’re not just for dabbing calamine. Cotton balls can aid you in your daily and weekly beauty routines. Behold some of the simple uses for cotton balls:

  1. Remove Nail Polish – Probably the most famous use for cotton balls, who doesn’t use them for nail polish removal? I find cotton balls to be very absorbent and much longer lasting than a tissue.
  2. Blend Makup- Do you have an unnatural color line separating your face from your neck? Is your eye shadow a little too blue? Your blush a little too red? Use cotton balls to blend your makeup for a more natural look.
  3. Scent Your Purses Closets and Drawers – Keep your or the inside of your favorite bag smelling fresh with scented cotton balls. Simply spray your favorite scent on the cotton balls and allow to dry. Place on a closet shelf, in drawers or your purse to deodorize.
  4. Detail Shoe, Purses & Belts – A wet cotton ball helps to clean those hard to reach places.
  5. Apply Your Favorite Products – Use cotton balls to apply soap, facial cleansers and makeup.
  6. Fill Out Your Shoes – If your shoes almost fit, try stuffing a few cotton balls in the front to make it a little less roomy.
  7. Makeup Removal - Use cotton balls to remove makeup. I especially like it for the area around the eyes.
  8. Wipe Away Excess Oil - Oily skin? Use a cotton ball to wipe your skin before applying makeup.

Image via Morgue File.

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