• Tue, Dec 18 2007

Adam Sandler and A Mohawk Hairstyle

adam-sandler-mohawk.jpgHere’s Adam Sandler sporting a new hairstyle -MOHAWK- while in Hawaii with daughter Sadie. I actually like it. It looks different. I wonder if this new look is intended for a new movie. The mohawk hairstyle is giving Adam’s face a fresh aura in my opinion. And it just looks really cool. But then again, Adam Sandler is always been a cool dude :)

What do you think? Full-haired Adam or Mohawk Adam?


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  • Melissa

    He looks like a Cherokee indian with that, lol.

  • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

    Melissa, let’s hope it’s for a movie..LOL

  • http://www.mohawksrock.com Cheyenne

    I like the mohawk, course then again I’m part of the social network MohawksRock.com just for the hairstyle. Either way its awesome, but I’m thinking it could be for a really funny character in a movie. I’d see it.

  • Lorna

    Woah awesome mohawk.. *drool*

  • assoooom

    adam is always cool & nice .he reminds me of my first love .cool haircut

  • http://bebo.com I love him

    i love this hairstyle, i think he’s done it for zohan.
    he still sorta got it but its longer. he is so sexyyy :]
    i love all his films

  • mal

    i think he looks good no matter what..he can do no wrong!

  • hülya

    adam sen ve kýzýn çok tatlý çýkmýþsýnýz kýzýn çok tatlý

  • h

    adam sen ve k

  • florencia