Keira Knightley Atonement Green Dress Replica


That green dress worn by Keira Knightley in the most nominated film adaptation of Ian McEwan Atonement has been getting raves lately. It is gorgeous, isn’t it? It was custom made for Keira’s character Cecilia in the opening scenes of the movie. God only knows how much it is or is it even for sale. I think it’s being kept in a locked closet somewhere.Well, here’s why Style It Less is fabulous, I found the replica for all of you glamourous ladies who doesn’t want to spend that much. Click to find out where and see the pictures :)

keira-knightley-atonement-green-dress-replica.jpgThanks to Faviana, THE designer for celebrity inspired dresses, you can have a Keira Knightley Atonement Green Dress Replica for $238 from edressme. .

Pre-Orders are accepted and will be shipped in January 2008.

*Keira Knightley Image


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    • Heelcandy

      That is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! Ok ok, you’ve convinced me instead of shoes I’m buying that dress this month. =).

    • Dexie

      OMG, you have to show me pics :) For $238, it’s no-brainer ey? :)

    • S

      awful copy

    • m

      dont like the shinyness of the copy’s fabric at all!! screams tackyness..

    • Trenadie

      does anyone have opinions as to what it would look like on a girl petite like Keira with a small chest also… the top is freaking her out but she really wants it badly for prom. any ideas? i don’t know what to tell her because i never saw it. thank you much.

    • hazel

      Aww I wish that the replica wasn’t so shiny, I prefer the other fabric

    • frankie

      this is the most wounderful dress, i would give everything to have it

    • Mari

      The fabric of the dress comes no where close to the original. also the original has tiny holes around the neckline of the dress which makes it gorgeous. This is an ok replica. If it wasn’t so shiny i would consider buying it.

    • DD

      I LOVE the original, but i AGREE…it is too shiny. Does anyone know where i can find a replica whose fabric isn’t so shiny cuz i really want it!!! HELP!

    • lucy

      When you actually wear the replica dress you completely forget about its differences to the real thing! I bought this dress in may fro my prom this thursday and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • Dexie

      that’s ncie to hear Lucy. got any pictures? i’d love to feature you here at Style It Less. Please?? :)

    • marie

      I thought I was the only one who things that’s an awful copy, the fabric is horrible. It mades it look cheap. And the shape of that copy is very different. Nothing to do with the original one….sorry Faviana, but it is terrible…$238.00 for such a bad replic is way too much…

    • Fay

      Yea. the copy is not so good. But, it would be very difficult to find that dress.

    • Tania

      I wish it was a less strong green.

    • Fay

      Where would anyone wear that though?

    • Fay

      When they chose that dress they had to have been thinking about the trees in the scene. It’s beautifully matched.

    • Tanya

      This dress made me want to see the Hulk


      passing on this one


      i would have preferred a more subdued shade of green


      reminds me of gowns in old black and white movies

    • Fay

      She’s got the waif like body to pull this off too.

    • Pearl

      I fell in love with this dress of Keira Knightley in Atonement. I so love this dress.

    • Pearl

      I don’t like how the green goes on the copy. It’s not that elegant compared to the Keira dress.

    • Pearl

      Since I like the dress a lot, I saved a copy of a photo on this dress and a draft drawing from the designer.

    • Pearl

      I hope one day I will have a replica of this beautiful dress. I love the color.

    • Tanya

      Yeah I guess you could say this dress is ok if you’re feeling daring I wouldnt wear it

    • Dixie

      I prefer the color of the original.

    • Fay

      The original looks like it’s made of a soft soft cotton.

    • Fay

      There’s no place to wear this to though.

    • Fay

      There’s the dresses in the movies and then there’s the dresses in my closet. :p

    • Tanya

      nice for pictures

    • amanda chuback

      bad choice of colour
      bad choice of fabric
      the shape is wrong and the origanal is still the best…

    • amanda chuback

      no no no now i look at keira’s dress…
      its made of chiffon….not silk or satin….
      see its not shiny!

    • Lisa

      ur copy is ok, the color is not chosen well though. but anyway, to look good in this dress, one must be tall like keira, have a small breast and no bum at all. that dress only looks good on very thin people, thats what i think. thats why it suits keira soo good. that massave v-cut on the original looks fantastic-because keira got no big breasts. love the dress but couldnt wear it for these reasons.

    • iviane

      the replica does not look at all the same! the color green is different!!!!! replica is : aqua color, the front needs a bigger cut, the sash should not look soo exaggerated, it should be just pulled back.

      over all I do not ever want to be seen in the replica!
      A it tacky and fake looking not stylish at all!

    • Cathy

      I bought the dress at for only $89. It was absolutely stunning!!!

    • Ali

      Not one person that i have seen in a repilca looks anywhere near as good as Keira did in the movie. Anyone buying this dress must have a similar look and shape as her to be able to pull it off.

    • Monica

      I disagree. I think you have to have the poise and belief that you look good to be able to pull it off. [and of course you have to be relatively in shape]

      I think the “replica” is gorgeous!

    • amy castilo

      i love the green dress it the bom! meet me on facebook

    • anarchy

      you can get a much better copy of this dress on ebay from E-Dressit and much cheaper as well.

    • Sugar

      Thanks so much for that tip-off, I ordered the dress (from Shanghai) on Saturday and was wearing it in London on Tuesday afternoon, amazing! It’s actually very nicely made, great material and lots of it, lovely long train. Now I just need to find a similar hairclip…..