Ada Cosmetics’ Top Ten Synthetic Ingredients to Avoid

mineral makeupAda Cosmetics, one of the first mineral makeup companies born for women of clolor, has comprised a top ten list of synthetic ingredients in your makeup to stay away from.

Our extensive research has led us to make the following recommendations. It is important to know the possible causes of skin irritation so they may be avoided. We also want people to be aware of the fact that chemicals penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Because of this, it is important to avoid as many toxic, irritating, or cancer causing chemicals as possible. In very small doses they may not be bad. However, in repetitive daily use, over a lifetime, they may be a source of harm. In addition, using combinations of such chemicals may produce unknown effects as they most likely have not been studied in combination. We recommend reading labels carefully and making smart decisions. Not every product labeled “natural” is free of these chemicals.”

1. Petroleum/Petrolatum/Mineral Oil/Liquid Parafin- These are possibly cancer causing and have been banned or restricted for use in cosmetics in other countries. These products, often used as emollients, or skin moisturizers, actually create drying of the skin and promote sun damage.

2. Propylene Glycol – This is a somewhat natural ingredient, composed of vegetable glycerin and grain alcohol. However, it often causes skin irritation, allergic and toxic reactions.

3. Fragrance – These may be composed of over 200 ingredients. They may mask other chemicals and can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches, rash, dizziness, skin irritation, and hyperpigmentation.

4. Coal Tar/Dyes/FD&C Colors – This is a huge catch all category of artificial colorings. Coal tar is a human carcinogen. Yet dyes made from coal tar can be found in scalp treatments, cosmetics, tooth products, and food.

5. Parabens – The words in front of “paraben” may change but the end result is a highly toxic chemical. It also causes allergic reactions, skin rashes, and may disrupt proper hormone functioning

6. Imidazolidinyl Urea/Diazolidinyl Urea – These are a primary cause of contact dermatitis. They may degrade to formaldehyde and are very toxic.

7. Formaldehyde – This is a cancer causing agent. It also causes a variety of ailments including skin irritations, respiratory problems, and immune system toxicities. It is a by product of some of the ureas and quaternium compounds.

8. Talc – This is an ingredient that clogs pores and causes skin irritation. It has been linked to cancer and respiratory problems.

9. Nanoparticles – These are tiny particles which may penetrate the skin and damage brain cells. In the cosmetic industry, nanoparticles of zinc and titanium are becoming more popular. Usually companies, such as Ada Cosmetics™ post on their websites that no nanoparticles are used.

10. Hydroquinone – This is known to be neurotoxic and allergenic to humans. It may also be cancer causing. Often, it may an impurity in a product not listed in the ingredients.

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    • cal

      so no vaseline then?!

    • Jen

      Sheesh. Petrolatum in some form is in everything. Sure, formaldehyde might cause cancer.. IF YOU SWIM IN IT! Sure, talc can cause respiratory problems if you inhale it like air! Ugh. This article is ridiculous.

    • lana

      Talc is a mineral, so is mica so is titanium dioxide. If you inhale any of them obsessively it will cause respiratory problem, ummm, so will organic wheat flour!

      “Not every product labeled “natural” is free of these chemicals.”

      Well, Petrolatum and Talc are derived from natural materials, no? Duh!

      Some things on the list have been talked about by other companies in the past, this list is just a nice “copy” and I agree with Jen!!!

    • Julie

      Dude. In order to help end America’s dependence on foriegn oil, I now pledge to only use Burt’s Bees lip balm. Stop buying Vaseline, and bring our troops home!!

      Just kidding. Kind of. I try to not buy petroleum-based products anymore, though.

    • Ashley Samantha

      I never pay attention to ingredients and am very bad for not. I had no idea petroleum did the things it does – I use Vaseline ALL THE TIME on my lips as a moisturizer when I’m just sitting around.
      I didn’t know Talc was a bad ingredient either! So glad I stumbled over this post. Thanks!

    • Trisha

      wow, this is really over the top, anything in great quantities can be damaging… think about people that have died from drinking too much WATER. (really, google it i know off hand of a woman dying after drinking too much water for a contest, crazy huh?) i watch out for bad ingredients with everything but you cant be fearful of scare tactics to buy their products.

    • Kristen

      I’m always so confused about ingredients! I try to use “natural” stuff but now you can’t even trust advertisers!

      • donperenyon

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