TODAY’S Show 2008 Fashion Trends List Guide

2008-fashion-trends.pngWhile parked in the couch, watching the TODAY’S Show on TV, nursing a hangover and a headache from last night’s Birthday and New Year’s Eve celebration, with a cup of coffee, the fashion segment came on. Their fashion “experts” showcased the 2008 Fashion Trends from Season to Season. I grabbed my notebook and pen right away so I could share them all with you. Some I could probably see myself following but one particular trend which is slated for Spring 2008 is going to be tricky to pull off so I will stick with my classic style. Maybe I’ll incorporate some but not all. Ok, here they are…

Embellished Sophistication — combination of feathers and furs
Shine — a subtle take on the metallic look from last year

Spaced Out, Futuristic Look — No need to explain. I don’t think I’ll be sporting it.
Tribal Abstraction – major influence from multi-culture fashion like South Africa and Asia

Silk Road — patterned and print
Maximum Style — Color and Pattern (Colorblock), Patio Comfort

Knitastic — Chunky knits. Always the classic style
40′s Secretary Chic — Classic cuts, tailored skirt, tie-front blouses, silhouettes, all that good stuff :)

There we go. I’m certainly looking forward to how everybody will interpret the Space Out Futuristic trend for Spring. That’s going to be a blast :). Of course Fall is always the best style in my opinion. Summer is pretty much everything goes, yah know. As always, know your style identity, and have fun incorporating the new trends. One more thing, one trend at a time. You can’t wear ‘em all at once. That’s All.

I’mma go eat brunch, hopefully cure this headache and will be back later. Well after the Rose Parade perhaps.. :)

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    • Trendinista

      Not exactly looking forward to the tech trend as it relates to space suits, but I am looking forward to the accessories!

    • Dexie

      Trendinista, yup, that’s the only way I going to be able to incorporate the space out futuristic look. Like we say in fashion, if all else fails, accessorize :)

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    • bkmabrey

      My favorite is the tribal abstraction!

    • Fay

      Great Advice. Thanks!

    • Tanya

      Can’t wait for falls trends.

    • Jenny

      I would have to agree, fall is always the best style!

    • Fay

      Like everything except winter.

    • Jenny

      Great 2008 Fashion trends!

    • Pearl

      great tips

    • Dixie

      I think i could corporate a little bit of all of this in my look-maybe not spaced out…wait I could wear my hair like Judy Jetson or Princess Leia! Oh yeah!

    • BKMabrey

      Fall is my favorite season.