• Wed, Jan 2 2008

Who Looked Better: Carrie Underwood or Miley Cyrus?

If you caught the New Years Eve bash on ABC, you may have noticed (well, how could you have not) two of our most fashionable and adorable young celeb look gals. We are speaking of Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus.

We think they both looked fab, and have been listening to some tween and teens all afternoon discussing who looked better. Then it came to our mind and we wondered what you thought… Who Looked Better: Carrie or Miley?



Let us know who you think looked better in the comments.

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  • trahons

    Miley looked cute, but Carrie looked amazing!

  • Amanda

    I can’t pick. Both outfits are really cool.

  • Jim

    Carrie, she always looks classy.

  • camrmen

    carrie!!!!! =] miley sucks

  • Sher

    Both looked great. Carrie would have looked adorable in either outfit but Carrie’s outfit would not have been appropriate for Miley.

  • Jessica

    Carrie Underwood looked better.

  • Paul

    While both looked good, Carrie def. looks the best.

  • Ashley

    Carrie :)

  • GABY


  • Janie

    Well both look great but Carrie definitely looks the best!!

  • baba

    Miley is cute and I loved her outfit, but I have to say Carrie looked hot as all get out, so my vote goes to Carrie all the way!!!

  • Katie

    Carrie :)

  • ann

    Carrie looks amazing!

  • jane

    I like Miley’s outfit better than Carrie’s in those 2 pics, but Carrie’s performance outfit was -awesome-! I’m a huge Carrie fan, but they both looked great…

  • Chelsey

    Carrie could be wearing a chicken costume and still look better. No offense to Miley, but Carrie is better looking then like, anyone. There is no comparison.

  • Kayla Ruth

    Carrie Underwood looks way better miley’s outfit is cute but Carrie’s is way better

  • Celia

    Carrie Underwood, no on can compare!

  • ava

    i love her!

  • Vivi

    They both look fabulous, but Carrie Underwood definitely looks better.

  • J

    Definitely Carrie, she always looks amazing! Miley looked cute too though.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/peep-lovers/ MileyLover

    miley!!! carrie’s is fat and ugly why do u vote for her? miley looks 1,000,000 times better outfit and talent!

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  • Courtney

    Does anyone think that Miley’s outfit, while it is cute as heck, looks a little Cruella DeVille??

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  • Lala


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  • http://xoxkissablexox.blogspot.com/ Jelena

    hmm both looked cute..looks wise prolly carrie but outfit wise i’d pick miley…love the outfit

  • http://bloggingirl.info bloggingirl


  • weee!

    miley looks better. they are both good though. but i am a disney channel fan! but i still think miley looks better even if i wasnt a disney channel fan.

  • Megan

    all of miley’s pieces complement each other and go perfectly with her dark hair! carrie’s look is ok but its a little too over the top!

  • lola

    carrie looks ssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    miley. i think carries dress is a little crzy.

  • SheSheluvsmileycyrus!

    I think Miley looks da best!and She is the best!!!!!..duh and camrmen Miley does not suck!!ur probally Jelous!!!ha! LOL

  • http://123 Caton

    I think Carrie looks stunning but Miley looks super cute, I can’t decide!

  • Emmm

    Carrie. Miley’s trying to look 6 years older than she really is and its always getting worse.

  • http://nickjonasrules Catherine

    Carrie OBVIOUSLLYYY! Miley looks terrible as usual!

  • lol

    carries outfit looks like something a drag queen or a transvestite (if theres even a difference)
    and even though miley cyrus looks TERRIBLE i go for miley and i just cant stand carrie

  • Neela

    Carrie Looks fabulous :) and yes
    Miley.. she looks cute :)

  • nathaniel

    miley cyrus looks hot in everyone of her outfits

  • Camille.

    you guys are dumb. Miley defineitly looks better. I mean, what’s up with Carrie’s outfit anyways? yuck.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/npopoca nathaniel

    miley cyrus because she looks hot carries outfit yuck!

  • Helen

    carrie is more famous and i lyk her outfit but i hate miley but this is the best outfit shes ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m a teen so i wud wear it but i wud wear it SO MUCH BETTER THAN MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is appropriate its cute and a lovely outfit but i dont lyk it on miley

  • Ashley

    carrie underwood for sure. miley is just a talentless wannabe

  • Kelsi

    I think both look stunning but Im going to hafe to go with my girl Carrie Underwood dont get me wrong Miley you look good but Carries outfit is a little better I think I still like you Miley keep up the good work.

  • http://ritaswelt.de.tl Rita

    Miley is so cute she look better

  • Melissa

    Carrie underwood!!! Besides Miley cyrus is a TERRIBLE role model.. Did u see what she did!!!

    Well Just sayin CARRY UNDERWOOD!!

  • http://funkyisus.piczo.com Rochelle

    its hard to say but carrie looks better i think the hat is too mutch for miley but i still love her xx

  • matt

    carrie looks much better. she looks elegant and sophisticated. miley looks good too, just not as good.

  • matt

    both look beautiful, but carries is so cute, she wins!

  • qwqqqwe

    they both looked gorg.
    how can you really compare the two…. ?
    one’s 25 the other 15. you guys aren’t really being fair, if miley wore what carries wearing then i think it would look like she’s trying to be much much older then her 15 years.
    2nd, God made both of them equally gorgeous in His eyes. He doesn’t look at Carrie and go “you’re so much prettier then Miley…”
    so stop judging folks.

  • http://www.celeblook.com kayla and maya

    The both look absubsolty postativly awesome yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • isabella

    carrie hands down!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.hutnardasirew.com narda

    miley is so fantastic and carrie underwood is so fucken ugly and shes a bitch

  • Augustina


  • Augustina

    Carrie Underwood

  • Brinny

    Carrie looks better than Miley.

  • Amy

    Shes so amazing and gorgeous<3.
    and i LOVEEE her!!!

  • Helen

    well i like carries outfit on her not on me i hate it but cos its appropraite for her to wear. miley’s outfit here is more for an older teen its something id wear although i cant stand miley but she does try to dress older than she is.

  • Carrie

    Honestly I think Miley looked better than I did , Well she is always looking her best but this time she looked like she worked kinda hard to put together that amazing outfit!!! ROCK ON MILEY!!!

  • http://www.scribd.org sara

    In my opinion carrie underwood looks much better that miley

  • http://www.scribd.org sara

    Carrie rocks!!!!

  • http://dff oana

    miley cyrus

  • http://www.itemvn.com miley samy

    miley ofcourse
    miley is awesome and cute too more than

  • Charlie

    Carrie Underwood

  • http://lebanon alysone

    carrie looke better than miley, shes so cut ,i love her so mutch

  • http://lebanon boshra

    carrie im so sorry i dont hat you anymore and you are a good wif for travis ..im sorry again XXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXX

  • anna

    Carrie looks far better than miley! I mean don’t get me wrong i like Miley’s outfit but come on Miley don’t try to look fab when your hair isn’t combed and you don’t have pretty make up on. Quit acting like you have talent and that your hot! YOUR NEITHER! CARRIE ALL THE WAY ROCCCCCCKKKKKKKKS!

  • I

    How can you people even COMPARE Carrie to Miley?! This must be a joke. Carrie, hands down.

    Also, if you notice in the pictures, of course Miley is posing, but Carrie is doing her own thing ignoring the stupid camera-people.

    I could give you a zillion reasons Carrie is better than Miley. And I couldn’t give you ONE reason why Miley is better than Carrie.

  • shailene

    I think they are both awsome. Carrie underwood is so pretty but miley cyrus is to. I dont think they should be having this stupid contest on who looks better. WHO CARES all that matters is that there pretty and they do what they do.

  • lol

    Why are you even having a contest Miley would win HANDS DOWN!! DUH!!

  • vestal

    Carrie Underwood

  • Bianka

    Miley Cyrus

  • leanne

    oh shut up you’re not carrie. and you’re wasting your time on this fake talent. carrie can sing miley can’t. carrie can dress properly miley can’t. I can give you 100 reasons why miley sucks. I bet you can’t give me 100 reasons why miley is better than carrie.

  • jen

    carrie looked way better than miley but also miley is trying tooooooooo hard to look 10 years older . carrie all the way

  • Jessicah

    i agree, its quite sad people acting like a celeb when they’re not and mmiley cyrus sucks, carrie underwood dresses better and sounds better.

    Carrie all the way =)