iVillage 2008 Beauty Ins and Outs

Curious as to what’s supposed to in and out for Beauty this 2008? Look no further. iVillage.com compiled them for us and you’d be surprised in some of them. Or maybe not :)

Avoid these beauty trends….

Stick straight hair. Try some volume and waves. There goes my plans on going back to my long straight hair. I’ll maintain my layered-wavy hairstyle then :)

Victoria Beckham bob hairstyle. Opt for Katie Holmes bob with bangs instead.

Breast Implants are sooooooooooooo done and over with. Hear that Pamela and Mariah?

Fake Tans. I think I just heard Paris Hilton whining. Poor girl. Her inheritance went to charity, now her fake tan will be a no-no in 2008 too. Oh what must she do now?

And here’s what’s going to make us even more beautiful in 2008…

Yup, bangs are staying. Awesome, coz I happen to love mine :) .

Eye lash extensions are soooo in. Alrighty then. Why can’t I have my childrens’s long and full lashes? Life is so unfair sometimes.

Red lipsticks are in too. I’m not sure I can go too red. My complexion would not compliment it. I’ll stick to Revlon Toast of New York for when I feel like going “red”.

There you go. My advice it to start with a good hairstyle. Apparently, bangs is the IT hairystyle for 2008. Remember, there’s nothing worse than having a bad hair day :) .


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    • http://fashion.thebargainqueen.com/author/meg/ Meg from The Bargain Queens & All About Appearances

      I definitely love bangs and red lips — provided that it’s the right red.

    • http://www.styleitless.com Dexie

      Yes. Toast of New York is my right shade of red.

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    • hazel

      I’m glad that stick straight isn’t in because I just can’t make myself do all that straightening or blow drying. =D

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    • bkmabrey

      Glad to hear implants and fake tans are out.

    • Fay

      I don’t understand people who get crazy implants. I understand if you’re flat and self conscious.. but not when you want to make yourself look cheap…

    • Tanya

      I never been one for fake tans and boobs. The stick straight hair is my issue but its so hard to get waves in it :( Its fine I have to struggle and I was thinking doing a bob to add volume. damn u trends Ill do what i please! :P

    • Jenny

      I have never thought about fake tanning, so am happy to hear I am not the only one not doing it!

    • Jenny

      Glad we can put the straightning iron down! :-)

    • Fay

      I personally love a bright coral lip.

    • Fay

      I just love that orange brightness.

    • Pearl

      my hair is so out of style, i need to have bangs

    • Dixie

      My hair is long over-due for a fresh look-right now it’s so hot I just have it up in a ponytail.
      I’ve got to get a new do.