• Sun, Jan 6 2008

David Beckham In Grey Vest Suit Heaven | Posh? Not So Much


Here is David Beckham and wife Victoria at St. Alban Restaurant in London. While David is wearing a gorgeous grey vest suit , Victoria is wearing a neon glowing yellow dress. I love her. Albeit her blinding dress. Can you blame her? With a hunky husband like David, she needs to wear a neon dress with matching shoes to keep the spotlight focused on her, Hah. ;)


That’s A LOT of buttons on a vest huh? Oh well, it’s David Beckham. He can wear anything(or nothing, LOL). He’s sporting a little scruffiness too I see.

*Via Just Jared

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  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com Christina

    Gosh, I guess Im the only one on the planet that thinks Posh looks cute. I love that color – it looks so pretty with a tan. The boobs, as always, are a little much. LOL And oh yeah, David looks hot too (duh.). :)

  • http://sheknowsbest.com Dexie

    Oh I love her. She knows she’s fabulous, boobs and all and she’ll flauntthem everywhere. Not mention having the hottest man on the planet..LOL.

  • Tom Jones

    Where is that suit from??????? Its quality

  • http://www.hairextensions-online.co.uk Julie

    Well she looks really great and He Is Amazing. No wonder she needs to wear that to get her into the spotlight, Well said!!!

  • http://www.quebecfamilylaw.com Robert Teitelbaum

    Where can I buy that suit??

  • fashion conscious

    You would think he would know not to button the last button on that vest.

  • philippa

    Can anyone tell me what the silver thing is on David Beckham’s arm – on the shirt, his left, its super cool, what is it and where can you buy one? any ideas?

  • fathema ahmed

    the thing about david beckham he has got kids wife a house