• Tue, Jan 8 2008

Mascara Wars: Lorac vs. Diorshow

First of all, pardon the crappy, unproduced video. I am in love with my new Flip Video camera that I got for Christmas (thanks sweetie! *muah*), it makes creating and uploading video sooooooooo easy. I could go back in with my editing software and make a big production out of it, but I’m not gonna. I am of the mindset that I would rather get it out there than sit on it for weeks (months?) – so hopefully you don’t mind. :)

Second – this is the first of my Mascara Wars. I mentioned last week that I am shopping for new mascara, so I went on a spending spree when I went to Houston on Thursday so I could get rolling on this. The first mascara I have tried is Publicity Stunt Lashes, Long-Wearing Mascara, from Lorac. This is what they say:

lorac-publicity-stunt-lashesWhat it is formulated to do:
LORAC’s new breakthrough mascara pulls a publicity stunt … unbelievably gorgeous lashes that last! This revolutionary mascara creates long, lush lashes that are gym-proof, cry-proof and red carpet beauty-proof!

What else you need to know:
Its ultra lightweight formula is loaded with natural ingredients that create a long wearing, innovative new technology, allowing you to take a break from re-applying your mascara every day without it smudging, budging, or flaking. Get the celebrities’ red carpet secret to flawless, long luxurious lashes that last and last!

My take: This mascara was incredibly thin and watery. I made a mess of my eyelids putting it on – it got everywhere. Once it was on, it wasn’t bad looking, but I am a drama gal. So keep that in mind. The mascara lasted, I slept in it and it was still lovely the next morning. Looking at this video, I like the looks of it better than I did at the time, but honestly, I am never looking for a “light” mascara. My blonde, short lashes need all the help they can get!


The second mascara was the classic Diorshow. This is lovely mascara and absolutely right down my alley. Thickening, nice and black – and neat to put on. For the record, it looked pretty great the next morning too. Diorshow is a “Best of Sephora” mascara – and for a reason.

diorshowFrom Dior: Inspired by runway shows and behind-the-scenes tricks used by professional makeup artists Diorshow Mascara reveals the secrets of stars.
DIORSHOW Mascara offers an ultra-glamorous make-up result with lashes thickened, lengthened and curved to the nth degree- simply extraordinary.
Addling to the glamour of it all, an easy-to-use generously curved XXL brush and a silvery metal case with the Dior go to accessorize your bag.. It’s the must-have lash makeup’

This is a great mascara, and by virtue of its qualities which are exactly what I look for in mascara, Diorshow is a winner, hands down.

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  • http://www.eyeondna.com Hsien Lei

    OMG You are a nut for walking around with an unbalanced set of eyelashes. LOL

  • Leah

    I have to say that I don’t love Diorshow. I bought it a week ago for a wedding and it flakes all over my pale little face! I went into the bathroom at work and had little black specks on my cheeks! Not pretty. I immediatly switched back to my Prescriptives Beyond Long and am much happier.

  • http://www.b5media.com/ Christina

    You know, I slept in both of these mascaras, and there were flakes all over MY pale face the next morning. While I still prefer Diorshow to Lorac, I can imagine that flaking could be a big problem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leah.

    And yes, Hsien – you know I’m a nut. ;)

  • http://www.beyonce-k.com Jeanne

    The Diorshow looks a lot nicer! It’s thicker and defines the lashes better.

    Your dedication to the fashion industry is unparalleled – your bravery to go out with unmatching lashes saves the women of the world from having to go it alone (tongue planted firmly in cheek). It was great to see a video of ya!

  • http://www.dailycookie.net Lilan

    How funny, I watched the video before reading the rest of your post and thought, “Gosh, her left eye looks much brighter than her right one…” Low and behold you were sampling two different mascaras!

    I’ve heard so much about the Diorshow but I don’t know if I can cough up that much for a mascara…

    Can we expect more posts for Mascara wars? It’ll be interesting, I’m sure! :)

  • http://mywardrobetoday.com Allie

    I love it! How brave of you, and what a detailed report! I am a DiorShow fan, but have lately been trying to find an equivalent that has a lower price – it’s great but I don’t know if it’s THAT great. Thanks so much for this review!

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  • Whitney

    If you like DiorShow, try DiorShow Unlimited. In my opinion its much better at thickening without being clumpy or flakey…

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  • Anna

    If you are still wanting to try other brand, try Chanel Inimitable, it’s awesome, and sounds like what you are looking for!

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