All Hail The King, His Majesty George Clooney


She Knows Best bows down to George Clooney, at the 2008 Critics Choice Awards. I’m speechless. There’s nothing much to say about Gorgeous George. Well except one. Thanks for leaving your girlfriend at home. Hehehehe. ;)

*Picture Via Just Jared

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    • The Snarkstress

      I face electrocution due to the ankle-deep stream of drool that has suddenly formed at my feet. I’ll miss you, dahling, but this photo is so worth it.

    • Dexie

      I think I’m next in line. Hahahaha.

    • Derek

      Far be it from me to oppose the king, but do the shiny black lapels layering the black matte tie bother no one else? Shoes, teeth, and bling should be the only shiny things IMHO.

    • Blah

      The shiny lapels indicate its a dinner jacket. Isn’t it poor form to wear a dinner jacket with a normal tie, shouldn’t he be wearing a bow tie?