Brad Pitt, Keep the Goatee But Lose The Scarf

Here’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the 2008 Critics Choice Awards. Brad, as usual looks dashing in this grey-plaid 3-piece suit. I’m even digging the goatee. but the scarf? It needs to go. Sure sure, Brad Pitt can do no wrong. He could be in a potato sack and still look good. In this get up, I digress. The scarf made the well-put together suit look rugged. Suits are not supposed to be that way. Unless you’re wearing a blazer-jeans/white sneakers combo ala Justin Timberlake. Even then, you shouldn’t wear a scarf with it. A skinny scarf around your neck while wearing a vested suit looks disastrous. Oh well. I LOVE Angelina Jolie’s Christian Louboutin shoes though ;)

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    • The Snarkstress

      Whoa, he does still have hair! I had forgotten since he always has that damn newsboy hat on!

      Anyhoo, he’s looking fab here. And oddly enough, I’m okay with the scarf. Just throw some blond highlights in his bangs and he’s almost back to his pre-Skankgie self! Glory, hallelujah!

    • Dexie

      LOL. I was looking for the blond highlights too. “pre-Skankgie”, I thought I heard everything. LOL.