Shania Twain: WHAAAA…?


I don’t know how new or old these pictures of Shania Twain are. And I honestly don’t care. Whether they’re from 1998 or 2008 the same question still applies: what in the HAYLE is this, Shania?!?


So that’s 2 “HAYLE NAW!” posts this week and we’re not even a full 2 weeks into the new year.

This can’t be good… *Quickly thinks of something good to say* Um.. her eye makeup looks fab though…? *Shrugs*


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    • doreen

      SOMEbody needs to be slapped for this one!

    • Pascalle

      Right?! Good lawd!! It’s horrible and just wrongggg…

    • linda

      Whoa! looks naked to me! She doesn’t have to look cheap. She is beautiful, but stay sweet and covered Shaniah! God will bless you.

    • Belle

      Shania’s got on a bodysuit underneath. If I looked that good, I’d wear one too. I think that was at an awards show. She is stunning!!

    • Glover

      Come on…she is so beautiful in each picture. I don’t think God created a more beautiful girl.

    • Al

      I agreed with Linda Shania does not need to do this she’s a beautifull women. What in lords name is she doing. That’s like beein a Madanna.

    • Arya

      well, a wrong thing to do…
      cheap, but HOT!

    • a guy

      id hit that

    • Joe

      This is from the “Getcha Good” video shoot. If you know the vid then you would know that she did a futuristic “Star Wars” type theme. Although the video was sexy it was not anything like these pictures. I can’t believe no one figured this out?!?!? The video did not spot light her *ss! Her hair extensions maybe!

    • Your Fan


      Please we love you, do not do this to your self. We love you as we knew you.

    • max

      Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I like it!

    • http://hotamdaily sam j

      hi guys /
      shinia what the !!##**^%$#@!!!! i cant believe u r doing this its about time that u start 2 use ur brain if u have 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bubu

      I think she is wearing a nude colored thin silk underneath. But the first impression is …. cheap..and desperate..But damn..she’s got a great ass….Sack the designer!!! Shania has got too much class for this trash!

    • Mark

      I think she looks fantastic. Remember this is a picture of an entertainer; her outfit is part of the show. She has the body to wear this type of outfit and I am glad she has the confidence to wear sexy clothes. By the way you did not get this good of a view during the performance and I think there is a BIG difference between Shania dressing sexy and others who dress sleazy.

    • Spicy

      why dont we ask her to cover from head to toe?!

    • Mik

      This video was just after the birth of her son Eja. This outfit was used because she didn’t think her abs were up to he typical tummy showing clothes. I agree nice a$$.

    • Lester GT

      She is nothing but hot…she looks great on anything she wear…. she is a goddes…she is a goddes….she is Gooddes

    • steven

      Shania Rocks as Always !!!

    • mary brown

      shania looks great in the video this was the outfit she wore and she looks fantastic, this is all show and entertainment. she is just human, there is no mistake in whate she wears it compliments the video!!!

    • Kori Ellis