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American Eagle Outfitters has announced the launching of their new children’s apparel line called 77kids by American Eagle. The children’s collection will cater to kids age 2 – 10, from clothing to accessories. The launch will be at the end of this year at their online site And a scheduled time in 2009 throughout US retail store.

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    • Michelle Allen

      This is the most exciting thing AEO has done yet!

    • Michelle Allen

      This is better then Aerie, and Aerie Rocks.

    • Sami :)

      It’s awesome that American Eagle is doing this! It would also be awesome if there was an American Eagle in Marshalltown, IA!

    • Sami :)


    • kris

      This is wonderful!!! I work for american eagle and so many moms and grandmothers come in wanting to buy great outfits for there family. This is a great way to extend our family @ American Eagle to every family member in every age group.

    • sara

      i also think this is a faboulous a ae vetern and im and expecting mom so i can not wait for my child to dress like mommy

    • Chris

      I’m a 17 year old who wears AE all the time. I watch my brother who’s only 7 want to wear the same stuff I do, so it’s nice to know he can finally look like he wants with a brand my family trusts :P

    • Samantha Thomas

      Hey. Just wanted to say that it’s a GREAT idea to have American Eagle for little kids. It would also be a good idea to have a line for maternity clothes from American Eagle. I also have some ideas as well. Thanks for listening.

    • Lisa Charles

      This is the Best Idea Yet from AMERICAN EAGLE! All me & my Partner dress in is AE & I’d love to dress My lil one in AE too. Thanks AMERICAN EAGLE for making my wish come true!

    • Leslie Broderick

      Now my 11 year old can really fell like a pre-teen! Shopping will be even more fun now.

    • Harmonie

      This is awesome!! I am also an AEO vet, and can’t wait to be able to buy my kids our amazing products!! Looking forward to the launch….

    • http://77kids Chase

      Hi I am 11 years old and I have wished I could wear Ae but now I can

    • http://77kids seth

      kids ae rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://77kids seth

      this is the coolist thing evver

    • andrew gaydos

      i work for american eagle and i cant tell you how many parents/aunts/cousins/grandparents come in with little kids or wanting to buy for their little kids…its great that we are FINALLY realizing that little kids wanna grow up and this is a great way to let them do it!!

    • Leslie

      I work for american eagle and this is such a good thing…i also have a small daughter and everytime we get a new shipment in i try and see if anything is small enough but it never is this will be a great thing for our company

    • kate

      I saw the website and it sounds cool. It probably will be alot cheaper than abercrombie kids.

    • sydney

      ilove ae,abercrombie,aero they rock!!

    • Jill

      I have 3 kids who are all small for their age. I would love to see you carry the same styles for older kids who happen to be built small. I know I am not alone with this thought. It’s very frustrating that the clothes that fit my kids look like what they wanted to wear in 2nd grade and they are now in middle school. Please consider this in your new line. Thanks!

    • Melyssa

      I’m a 13 year old gymnast who’s built very small. I love American Eagle but some things I buy there are just too big. I hope that 77kids will have cool styles with smaller sizes for kids like me.

    • Bailey

      i am 11 and I’ve always wanted to wear American Eagle clothes but there were all too big! Now i can finally fit! i hope they don’t look relly dumb like what walmat and target sell. I think they should look just like what the women have! that would be soo awesome! please consider this people that work at american eagle!

    • David

      That’s a great idea!! I’m a 13 year old…I can wear regular AE, but I have to have XS or XXS…now I won’t have to just look for those!! Just like the abercrombie kids…I love to shop there…

    • Katie

      i just wanna say i’m very excited that AE is finally coming out w. clothes that will actually fit me, b/c i’m 13, but i’m really small, like the size of and 8-10 yr. old, so when i get AE clothes, i have to go online and get the XXS and pray that it shrinks enough, so i’m excited a/b this…i just hope it looks the same, and has the eagle emblem and all that tho

    • Madeline

      This is an incredible idea, i am so excited because all i have wanted is to be able to fit in the jeans and skirts and now there are coming out with a line just for the younger and tween ages! THANK YOU AE!! i would just have liked to seen the sizes go up to the age of 12 to 13 because i think the length is going to be a big this that will upset alot of skinnier or smaller girls in the “upper tween” age group…

    • i just gotta say i am totally with Katie on the sizing i am JUST LIKE YOU in that way!!! i love the emblem to i hope is stays!

    • Bianca

      I hope to see an american eagle store in Del rio Tx Real soon

    • Carly

      i agree with katie too!

    • Jubilee

      I am 13 but i am the size of a 8 year old.. I think that this is great! I really like how not all of the styles look like it was made for 8 year olds. Some are just like other ae stuff. But i must say that it is dissapionting tho hear that t10 year olds want to look like teens. They should just be them selves. Having Said that, some of these clothes are good because they arent to “teen-ish” for a 10 year old. but as a 13 year old, THIS ROCKS!

    • amelia kelleher

      my name is amelia and i am 15 but i am the size of a 9 year old. Everybody teases me but with ae i can still wear clothes that look cool.