• Mon, Jan 21 2008

Tom Cruise: Dapper-ific Daddy-O

Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise

Looking Good, Daddy-O

Check out Tom Cruise, here with his oft-forgotten about son, Connor. Pretty dapper, no? I’m loving the vest under the jacket. It helps tone down the shinyness of the suit, which, coupled up with the sheen of the tie, could have come off as woefully obnoxious.

What’s more? The suit fits well, his hair doesn’t look nearly as childish as it usually does, and, I dunno, I just think he looks damn hot here. Damn hot.

So how ’bout you, dahlings? What say you about Tom and this toned-down pimpster look? Grab a Monday Margarita and let’s talk…

Welcome to your week. *mwah*

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