• Mon, Jan 21 2008

ONLY Jennifer Lopez Could Pull This Off

ONLY J. to the Lo could wear high-heel PLATFORM pumps to her baby shower. Only her.



Good lawd…

So, do you think she was brought back down to reality and took them off once she got INSIDE the building?   C’mon Jenny, you can tell us the truth.  ‘Cuz there’s no WAY you’re (supposedly) carrying twins (a boy and girl!) and can stay in those heels the entire night. No. Way.

(Pics courtesy of JustJared)

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  • http://www.snarkstress.com The Snarkstress

    Gawd damn. Now I will officially tolerate no more whining from those un-pregnant chicas who refuse to wear stilettos because they’re uncomfortable. Waaah. Cry me a river, why don’tcha.

    Way to go, J. Lo. You’re my hero! (Now if she could just get Marc to quit dressing like an ignoramous. Sigh.)

  • C.

    I agree, how hot is she? No ankle swelling, beautiful legs, gorgeous shoes, why not? She looks fabulous! What an inspiration.

  • yaya@

    Pasacelle, now you know like i know, that you need to do a look for less with these shoes, because they are nothing short of fierce.

  • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

    No no Snarkstress, Marc has to stay dressed like the “coat lint remover-slash-doorman-to-J.Lo” that he is. His pants are totally appropriate *snort*

    Yaya, you and I are twins of the mind.. I am working on that as I type… *wink!*

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  • Lola In London

    J Lo – admire her style but those shoes are hooker shoes, she just looks like a silly tart! Knee high boots would be much classier

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  • daniel


  • arta

    i love you very much