Rihanna Sure Loves American Apparel Dresses

I love when celebrities shop at the same stores as we do. Stores that we can afford, I mean…

As is the case here.

I don’t really even need to do a Same Look for Less feature here b/c the dresses Rihanna’s in the pics below wearing appear to be from American Apparel. But I did do a quickie SLFL feature on the pumps in both pics.


Wow. Rihanna looks fantastic in what appears to be American Apparel‘s Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress$30.00 USD


Simple simple simple, yet looks fab fab fab. Who would have thought such a plain jersey dress could look so sexy and not trashy?

I found some similar pumps in silver at FlyJane.net for $34.90 USD.


Here’s another pic of Rihanna a few weeks ago out and about in London:


This looks like the Cotton Spandex Jersey Long Sleeve Criss-Cross Dress from American Apparel – $36.00 USD


I’m not quite sure about the fishnets with this one, but for her, it works. Here are some similar pumps I found at Famous Footwear. If you’re a size 6 you’re in luck b/c they’re on sale (orig. $60.00) for $15.00 USD (not a typo)!


Or, if you’re not a size 6, you can get ‘em for half the original price @ $30.00 USD at ShoeBungalow.

As far as the dresses are concerned, I know…most of us normal folk like, you and I, don’t have the guts (or perhaps too MUCH gut–literally?) to wear these types of unforgiving dresses, but as I always say, that’s where the right undergarments come in (girdle anyone? Helloooo?)

Pic Source 1, Pic Source 2

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    • Shayna

      Hello I have a same look for less question. Would you be able to help me find Rhiannas earrings she was wearing in this picture? http://www.hollywoodrag.com/index.php?/weblog/rihannas_new_hair/
      Ive looked all over and cant find something similer.

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    • katrina

      anyone know where i can get a leather jacket similar to the one rihanna wears in her shut up and drive video?

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    • http://www.mizztissa.com sexy high heels

      I saw here wearing some crazy sexy boots in a photo of her performing (she’s wearing a corset) and always wondered where the boots are from…

    • Tetch_k

      Hey Shayna, you can find those bamboo earrings which are by CC Skye at http://www.miijo.com

    • Jade

      I bought those dresses after I saw these pics! Rihanna looks great!

    • http://rejahne rejhane


    • dj ivaldo


    • Ina BeautyGirl

      i love your style rihana,,,,your so beautiful…..

    • INNA


    • rihanna hairstyles

      We think she looked hot! But don’t get any ideas, Beyoncé. Only the ultra-fierce fashionista can pull off the literally untouchable look