Top 10 Fall Looks From The Milan and Paris Runways

I’ve featured a few of the 2008 Fall Collection from the different designers showcased at the Milan Fashion Week here at She Knows Best. Starting from Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuiton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani. Men Style has compiled their Top 10 Fall Looks for 2008 straight from that fashion week. Here’s the list(refer to the picture for visuals) :


Major Marbled
Worker’s Unite
Plaid Men
Shaggy Shearling
Protect Your Neck

Black On Black
Creeped Out
Charlie Chaplin
Plum Gigs
Belt Lines

Well, Happy Fall’in :)

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    • Derek

      Hey Dexie, what’s your opinion on these looks? I give black on black, protect your neck, and plaid a thumbs up… But I’m wearing those combinations as I type this. I’m ahead of the curve 3 times out of 10!

      Not happy with Shaggy fur clothing, or plum dress, or the myriad tacky chaplin hipsters I’m liable to see now. I’m a guy though, so what do I know?

    • Dexie

      Derek, I like the plaid, but not too much. Don’t want to look at a Man who’s almost wearing jammies, yah know? I also like black on black and Plum Gigs. Suave kinda of way :)

    • Gaelle

      I am sure this worker’s outfit will be a huge trend…but I am not sure of when guys will be ready for it.
      Plus, I doubt that it will be flattering on everybody…what do you think?

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    • Scott

      Well they look really great. Sure to try some of these.