• Thu, Jan 31 2008

She Knows Best Link Lovin’ [01-31-08]

skb_icon1.jpgThere’s a lot of good stuff out there that I want to share with you. And I also appreciate their presence here at She Knows Best. I apologize if I haven’t reciprocated. I’ve been to your sites but because I don’t have fast connection YET, I usually do a hit and run thing. But don’t worry, finally fast-connection is going to be available here at yonder, where I happened to live. Woohoo :) Ok, links, alright…

Derek of The Casanova Peasant wrote a list of runway fashions that need to be abolished. I’m with you buddy.

Christian over at Just A Guy Thing shares 100 Movies every guy should watch.

Magnificent Bastard has a guide for buying Mittens this Valentine’s Day.

Gear Patrol informs us other products from Rawlings. Like briefcases.

The V-Style shows you what to wear with your chinos.

Shirts and Tie reports that John Bartlett will be handling Liz Clairborne’s Men’s sportswear line.

‘Till next time……

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  • http://thecasanovapeasant.blogspot.com Derek

    Thanks for the love Dexie, I’ll be sure to check out that list.