Fashion: 10 Online Sources for Women’s Clothing

It’s hard to find the right online clothing stores.  No matter how well you choose your keywords, a google search can turn up all sorts of weird sites you weren’t looking for.  I know — I spend hours each week sorting through search results for women’s fashion.  That’s why I’m providing you with this quick reference list of 10 places you can visit right now to shop for clothes (the information in parentheses indicates shipping areas):

  1. (worldwide)
  2. Banana Republic (Unites States and its territories)
  3. BlueFly (worldwide)
  4. Boston Proper (United States via website; worldwide via phone, fax, or mail)
  5. Chadwick’s (United States and its territories)
  6. (worldwide)
  7. Delia’s (worldwide)
  8. (worldwide)
  9. Dresses Online (worldwide)
  10. Fashion Bug (United States and its territories)

You can find more lists of online clothing stores by visiting the category: the list.


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    • Rika

      Another cute online store is They have many trendy, but not too expensive clothes, accessories, and handbags.

    • Edie

      Hey, thanks for the tip, Rika. I went and checked it out, and they really do have cute stuff! I will definitely be doing a feature post on them soon.

    • adamsshoesva

      very nice post on 10 Online Sources for Women’s Clothing.. good to read the post and thanks for posting.

    • Kisha Dennis

      Please check out my super budget friendly new website thanks!

    • iSale8

      Thanks for suggestion. My favorite site for shopping shoes is .

    • Goran

      You like shopping and you want to save some money?Than register at and buy anything you want for the price that you want. Also you can be a seller and post up to 12 products. You even have posibility to haggle, and save a lot of money. Really amazing. Try it!

    • shivangi sharma

      Hey !!

      Nice dictionary of women shopping sites. They have very nice collection.
      I work with and we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too :) and congratulations to you on your wonderful blog :)

      - Shivangi Sharma

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    • Luísa Machado

      They all have international shipping right?! I love some shoes at Cdp Online but they only ship to Portugal…

    • AEKK

      All the ones are great! Very useful! Thanks for your sharing!

    • ThoughtsofGlam

      Haven’t heard of a lot of these but I’ll be sure to check them out.
      I just posted about discounts that included Banana Republic giving 15% off so thats the only one that rang a bell.

      Thanks for the new info

    • Lindy Todd

      Like the information and yes there are a lot of places to shop online. Some we like and some we do not.
      Thanks for sharing.

    • Christina Sarkar

      Very useful – thank you for the information! I absolutely love shopping at Banana Republic! I design clothing at and would love if you could check out the range of Indian ethnicwear there and let me know your thoughts :)

      Looking forward to more!

    • Stella Langdon

      the collection of sites for women’s clothing is good. i have another suggestion too to update this list . i m own opinion i think is very nice website with some new stuff of indian ethinic wears and also accessories for women. i think you all guys should defiantly check this out. and added advantage is they provide #free shipping worldwide.