Reebok – Kool-Aid Sneakers Review and A Chance To Win A Pair

reebok-koolaid-cherry-sneakers1 Ever since I introduced the Reebok and Kool-Aid collaboration, people have been intrigued and have shared their speculations on how the scent-infused sockliners would be like. Trust me, I myself wasn’t too sure about it which is why I withheld my thoughts on the sneakers for a little while. Even after I featured the entire Reebok-Koolaid collection which includes shirts, hoodies and shirts. BTW, the clothing and accessories line are not scent-infused :) .

Anyhoo, I’ve been holding on to a size 11 pair of the White/Cherry sneakers for a week now. Posting of that was temporarily disrupted due to the servers issues early this week. After reading a few posts this morning linking to what I’ve written I’ve decided to share my thoughts now instead of waiting ’till next week. Information on how to win this pair after the fold as well.


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I actually like the white/color combination pair, aesthetic wise. I agreed with my husband when he said it has an old school vibe to it. Just like the classic Reebok sneakers, except this time it has the kool-aid smile, and brand logo on the back and bottom of the shoe. I haven’t seen the colored one up-close and personal but I think if you’re a Man, the red, orange and green pairs would be more appropriate for your age. Leave the rest to the kids. If the collection was available for Women, I’d probably go for the bright colors. I happen to own a pair of their classic pink and white combo.

As for the sweet smell, you don’t have to worry about your dogs sniffing it. The fruity flavor is actually controlled inside the shoes. I had to take the liner out to smell the cherry scent. Your favorite kool-aid flavor is not going to be haunting you wherever you are whenever you have this on. Having said that, I couldn’t really say if that would change if someone is actually wearing it. If the smell would suddenly envelope your whole surroundings when your sole is pushing down on the liner or if you’re sweating. But then again, no one would wear this kind of shoes when playing sports. Maybe for walking but if your feet sweats like crazy when doing that activity, then you have bigger problems. Time to see the Doctor. And if you have a dog, maybe you should train her/him not to chew on your shoes? Or better yet, store your shoes where your dog can’t reach? Just a thought, heh!

OK, as far as the contest go, like I said, this is size 11. That was the only size available after the collection launched early this month. Sorry. So if you are size 11 and you want this Cherry flavored Reebok-Kool-aid sneakers, Leave your name in the comment box, with a valid e-mail address letting me know you want it. Win it for you or give it to someone who wears size 11 shoes. Contest ends on the 29th. I will randomly select the winner and announced the name on March 1st. That’s it. As far as I was informed, the Reebok-Koolaid collection is limited edition. I’m hoping to get my son a pair before it completely disappears. I might have to wait ’till April when the lime, lemonade and orange is launched. Good Luck!


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    • Charles Faustima

      them shoes are hot and cool i need them

    • mens shoes

      Cool sneakers, fitting for the young ones.

    • Jeremy Herren

      i NEED these!

    • Brandon Nolte

      those are awesome, i’d love a pair

    • Laddie

      This will look hip for young boys!

    • http://none Ira Ellison

      Nice! I wear size 11!

    • Sir Richard Lim

      Awesome throwbacks!!!
      That’s Perfect 4 Me!

    • http://none raj

      i’d love these shows… enter me in the contest please

    • Lita

      I know someone who would love a pair of these!

    • latoya marlow

      man i love them shoes if i could i will buy all of them. them is the freshest shoes out, them are so sweet i got a tooth ach.

    • Trinh Pham

      I want those… they are so different.

    • fry

      Nice! My feet are that size and man…did I ever drink a lot of Kool-Aid when I was little.

    • Israel Burgess

      SIGN ME UP

      As an avid collector of shoes not only to just box up, but to wear I would do anything to win these.. My size too, it must be a Sign me up for the contest PLEASE, I NEVER WIN OH YEAHHHHHHHH ;)

    • Shamari Hudgins

      I Can i PLEASE GET THOSE SHOES I REALLY NEED A NEW pair Im Desprerate. Its really pretty cool how inovative Reebok can be with makeing shoe for example the icecreams.
      They are also the perfect size.
      Hey I migth even give them to some one thats on the street they need a good pair.
      Shoes dont come cheap especailly for me. so keep it real to who ever you give them to.
      Cherry flavored Reebok-Kool-aid sneakers
      Thats a go! I can do so much with those just imagine the possiblities.
      Bless you man And I Hope I win.!!
      Shamari The Kool-aid Man OOOO YEAH or
      Hit me up so we can talk more of the shoes.
      1 Love

    • Josh C. Branfman

      For Halloween this year, I made a huge papier mache Kool Aid man. All I was missing was these shoes. Enter me in the contest.

    • Giles Lloyd

      Id love a pair of these, my size too! ;o)

      Im in the UK and know I will never get my hands on these over here so help me out!

      Enter me in the contents!

      Thanks :o)

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    • Huguette

      Please enter my name, my son would love these!

    • Jamie KLeine

      I would love these shoes!!!! Please pick me to win them!!

    • iris

      i love the kool aid sneaker, and stuff please let me know where i can purchase the items for my kids as soon as possilbe.

    • james

      I would love to give these as a gift!

    • barry peters

      i never won any thing in my life. i cant aford a new pair of shoes

    • Jason

      I gotta get those shoes. (im size 11

    • Jason

      I gotta get a pair of 11s.

    • Daichi

      I’ve been looking for a pair of koolaid shoes. They are so sick!! I happen to wear size 11, too :) Put me in the list, please!!

    • sha

      man i would kill to have the orange 1′s!!!! i would die if i won those and be eternally grateful they cost a nice chunk of college $ that i shouldnt be wasting so giveaways get me x-cited…….

    • Laura

      My son is 17 and really wants a pair. He does wear a size 11 and this is the color he wanted. They would be a really cool gift for him!!!

    • Tim

      Ahhh these are so cool! I hope I get lucky, 11′s are just my size too!

    • Kristen

      My husband is deployed overseas and this would be an awesome care package addition. He would love them!

    • Jamie KLeine

      did you pick a winner?

    • kathy travis

      these shoes would be perfect for my son

    • kathy travis

      these shoes would be perfect for my son.

    • Dexie

      Jamie, yes, it’s right here :)

    • C D in Chi Town

      Why are the only for kids…my teenage daughter whats and pair but her feet are 8 what gives

    • C D in Chi Town

      Why are they only for kids….my teenage daughter what’s a pair and she wears an 8 …what gives

    • Jani22

      Red color inside these shoes looks very nice to me….

    • http://myspace jaynelle

      i what to open my own company

    • bhaskar


    • tiffany

      Those sneakers are HOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • sunny

      hello dear…. it is awesome!! but i cant need it …..i had many more……

    • sunny

      i think shoes from reebok r not freshly prepared…..

    • Cassie Loghry

      All of my friend’s have these shoes i totally love them but my mom says there really exspensive

    • sherma st luce

      I would like to win because i am in need of shoes, i am from the carribbean and this are very hard i cannot afford to buy a pair of sneakers. So if i win this shoes i will be very happy u would be helping a sister in great need. if i win my seize is 10