• Sun, Feb 10 2008

Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts

There are two sides to Valentine’s Day – what you want to get as a gift (well thats the part we are concerned about here at eBeautyDaily) and what you want to do to be beautiful for your big Valentines Day date action.  Since we are getting close to the wire, lets talk about gifting for a bit.  I mentioned a few days ago that one of my favorite makeup collections for spring is the L.U.C.I. collection by Lancome.  You just wouldn’t believe how beautiful this is.  ombre-glacee-lancomeOpalescent, iridescent – my favorite, and very romantic.  There are quite a few products in the collection that are absolutely wonderful, but if I were going to pick just two that were my very favorite, and must-have’s, they would be the 2 sided Color Design pencil (LOVE this – one side is opalescent, the other is a super silky black eyeliner) and the  Ombres Glacee (a creamy eyeshadow that can be used elsewhere on the face to highlight) – all of the products in the L.U.C.I. collection have the niftiest “photonic” technology and work together to layer the most beautiful iridescent skin and eyes you have ever seen.  Very different from anything else out right now, and very, very gift worthy.  If you won’t run out and buy this for yourself, do ask a loved one to do it for you, you won’t regret it.


nettiescrub-gift-set Another totally delicious product that any woman would love to receive as a gift (trust me on this!) is NettieScrub.  Nettie is a manicurist and a Texan relocated to California – and she has come out with a wonderful line of body scrubs.  They come in a variety of aromatherapy scents (I love the grapefruit!!), and are chock full of good-for-your-skin oils, and use sugar as the exfoliant.  The packaging on these is precious – these will make an impressive gift for sure.  Try this gift set with bath salts – for an incredibly reasonable $15.  Get them from Nettie’s Etsy site – and hurry!

Beth Bender Beauty has a February/Valentines Day special going on as well.  If/when I get a picture of it, I will put it up, but for now, you have to trust that the gorgeousness that is Beth Bender will carry over to this.  With any $50 order, get a red satin cosmetic pouch with 6 samples of Beth’s spring colors.  Also, with any order comes the new lip color, beth-bender-tallulah Tallulah, a name that is close to my heart.  Tallulah is, in Beth’s words, the perfect shade of pink, and from the looks of the color swatch, I have to agree.  Thanks again to Beth for including her Get In Line Eye Kit for our Splendicity gift bags at Fashion Week.  She is a doll and just the kind of person I love to support, so be sure and check out Beth Bender Beauty all month!

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