David Beckham In Plain White Tee & Blue Plaid Shorts


First off, Look at David Beckham’s shiny head.. LOL. Aviator glasses, check. White T-Shirt, check. Blue plaid cargos, check. Brown grommet belt, check. If I got my information, I think David is wearing flip flops here. You can’t get as casual as this. David sure loves his plain tees huh? :)

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    • Kyle

      I was wondering where you can buy the plaid cargo shirts that david beckham is wearing in the picture in the in touch magazine?

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com christopher

      Yea where did he get those shorts?? I need them… very HOT!

    • Josh Hall

      They Are Hollister shorts , around 40 dollars

    • jack

      the ones hes wearing here are actually abercrombie emmoens or maybe otter hollow,im quite sure of that,dont know whihc ones hes wering in the in touch magazine