Intervene Makeup by Elizabeth Arden

I mentioned a month or two ago that I was branching out from my mineral makeup.  I had become very comfortable in it, and I really needed to try some of the new foundations on the market – especially the anti-aging ones.  Darn it. 

It has been a long time since I have used liquid foundation on a regular basis, but I have started out with Elizabeth Arden’s new foundation, Intervene.  This is an extension of their successful Intervene Pause and Effect anti-aging skin care line.  Probably the very most important feature for a foundation for me is to have some sort of SPF, as I know first hand of the dangers of fair skin and glorious sunshine.  I have a big ol scar down the front of my nose to prove it.   Intervene Makeup has an SPF 15, which when used in conjunction with your moisturizer, which hopefully also has some sun protection (Intervene moisturizers also have SPF 15), should do you pretty well.  The photos below are me, naked on the left (ha and ouch), with foundation only in the middle, and with all the accoutrements (and hair!) on the right.  I think you can see a mighty big difference in my skin, no?  You can click the image to view it full size.  If you’re brave.  Or just want to make fun of me (ouch again).

This is what EA says about the foundation:

This new liquid makeup with Biodormin™ skincare benefits helps put a pause on aging signs. Micro-mineral pigment technology smooths away imperfections for brighter, even-toned skin, as it delivers all day coverage, color-true shades, and a soft natural finish.
New INTERVENE Makeup SPF 15 with Biodormin™ technology:

  • Smooths imperfections, evens out skin tone and creates a soft natural finish that lasts all day with micro-mineral pigment technology.
  • Visibly delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it gives skin a firmer look
  • 100% oil free
  • Medium/full coverage. Ideal for normal skin.
  • Protects skin from environmental challenges with antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • Offers a wearable, skin-enhancing shade range created with Elizabeth Arden’s exclusive Custom Color system
  • Provides SPF 15 sun protection
  • Non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic

I have personally found most of these claims to be absolutely true.  The first day I wore Intervene, I actually caught myself in the mirror, and did a double take – my skin definitely was looking more youthful.  Another extremely nice characteristic of this makeup is that it really does last all. day. long.  I have worn it constantly for about 4 weeks now, and have eyeballed it each and every day in the evenings, and really, it stays looking very good.  This was an advantage that I had seen with mineral makeup, but liquid foundation has come a long way, baby.

My skin is scary broken out right now after one (or five) too many makeovers and product tests while in NYC (with that pimply time of the month added in – ugh).   After I returned from Fashion Week, I was really hesitant to wear any makeup for a while, as I was concentrating on putting some moisture back in and just letting my skin rest.  It really had a workout while I was gone.  But, after a couple of days of that, and it not really getting much better, I had to put makeup on for some reason, and I swear my skin looked better by that night, so I have worn makeup since.  This is a treatment foundation, and really, it has proven to be a treatment for me. 

One more thing that really pleased me about this foundation is that I picked the color off of the internet, and was able to easily choose the right color.  That is not always easy to do, and I don’t know why it worked so well for me this time, but it did.  You can buy Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Makeup directly from the EA web site ($36), or if you aren’t so confident about buying your foundation online, do stop by an Elizabeth Arden counter and give it a try.  If you order online, with any Intervene Makeup purchase they will include a deluxe mini travel size of your chosen color.   For the time being, anyway.  w00t!

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    • Sandy

      This sounds great. I am a big fan of Elizabeth Arden and will have to try this out.

    • sesame

      You look great with that foundation Christina! I’m also a mineral makeup fan and hasn’t been looking at the usual but this one looks interesting enough to check out.

    • Christina Jones

      I really do like it Sesame – its been a little strange getting out of the mineral habit, but kinda fun too. ;) Let us know what you think if you give it a try!

    • Taffy

      The foundation color you chose looks fabulous on you! It looks like it was customized for your skin. I’ve tried Elizabeth Arden foundations before and was very pleased with the colors and texture. I love that this one has SPF and a medium to full coverage.
      I’ll have to give this one a try!

    •, Ellen

      Great post!

    • eye4style

      Don’t sell yourself short, my dear. You look fab before and after!

    • Lilan

      Wonderful review! I’m wearing Intervene today and I gotta say, I agree that it lasts all day without any touch up needed :)

    • Gloria

      two words caught me: 100% oil-free and even-tone. wow. my kinda liquid foundation! i almost never wore foundation. i just go out with my lipstick and sometimes eye shadow and eye-liner. but since i don’t have much of an eyelid and lashes…these two won’t so me any good. i alwasy had this problem that my forehead has always been and still is darker than the other parts of my facial skin, thus the need for a good foundation. i once both a MK liquid foundation but just didn’t work on my skin type. it was the wrong color and it cracked in my face. this one seem to be a good product. will really try this one out as long as i can find the right color for me. i hope we meet in person one day Christina! i am in terrible need of beauty advice! he he.

    • Beauty411

      I’m going to have to try this foundation, it sounds great. The finish looks very natural. Nice FOTD, BTW! :)

    • Lee Ann

      You look like Scarlett Johansson in the third pic- you look amazing! I think I’m sold on Elizabeth Arden. Cheers!

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    • Shannon

      Damn it! Stop looking so darn good! lol. You know it is all about me this year–but how can I compete with your gorgeous looks???


    • Jeanne

      Wow! Intervene is amazing! You sure do look purrrty :)

    • MichelleR

      I may have to try this, Ive been using Bare Minerals now for 5 years, and im ready for a change!


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    • Cosmetics Beauty

      Wonderful and in-depth review! I think I really have to try this now. I knew very little about Elizabeth Arden before. Thanks for the review!

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