Style It Less Tip : The Right Underwear For White Pants

sil-tips.pngIt’s time for another Style It Less Tip. I received good feedbacks, through comments and e-mails regarding the secret to wearing heels so I figured I must share more of my fashion tips to all of you my lovelies :). Our Style It Less Tip for today came to me last week while shopping for my son’s black hi-top converse shoes at Sears. While searching for my son’s size and making sure I wasn’t picking a pink color, I noticed a Woman trying on some shoes at the sale’s aisle. She was wearing white pants. And to my horror, her pink polka-dot undies were oh so visible. From the kids’ aisle to the Women’s Sales Aisle, the pink printed underwear worn with white pants was so clear, much to my chagrined. Why was I looking at that woman’s derriere? I wasn’t. I happened to look in her direction, her back towards me and BAMM, pink polka dot undies with white pants.


On my way home, I kept reminding myself to write about this while consciously telling myself to google that one episode where Oprah talked about the right underwear for white pants. I wanted to make sure I have my tip matches someone else’s. And who else to turn to but Oprah, right? :) . The right underwear for white pants : THONG. Nude/flesh colored thongs to be specific. White undies under white pants is a no-no. Even if it’s thong. As clearly shown in the picture. If you don’t like wearing thongs, then go for full-shaped undies or better yet spanx. Just make sure it’s nude or flesh colored.

White pants are good for Summer. It gives that fresh and crisp look. But please wear the right underwear.

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    • ayen

      I think I saw that episode. Stacey London from “What Not to Wear” was the guest.

    • Rachel

      Thank god you have put this one here. I have seen so many women wearing the “wrong” panties under white pants. I love white pants, I love they way they look, but please for the love of woman kind wear the right panties :)

    • Tania

      There’s a reason I don’t do white pants ha.

    • bkmabrey

      I have white pants on this morning.Nude panties are a must!

    • Fay

      oh Thanks! I can’t believe you posted example pics.

    • Tanya

      I see London I see France I see someones underpants! ya flesh toned thongs are a must lol.

    • Jenny

      White pants are tricky when it comes to showing through undergarments.

    • Fay

      Were pictures necessary? lol…

    • Fay

      Thanks for the tip

    • Fay

      white pants and white shorts are a must have.

    • Tanya

      yea i dont like seeing panty lines let alone see thru pants

    • Tanya

      these chicks bums are tiny lol i guess i have too much ass

    • Tanya

      these chicks bums are tiny lol i guess i have too much azz grrr why cant u say the word A$$

    • BKMabrey

      i believe you said it.

    • BKMabrey

      the pictures are yukky!

    • Pearl

      i so hate VPLs

    • Pearl

      i am a freak when it comes to my undies becoming visible, thus, i own dozens of nude boy shorts

    • Dixie

      Yeppers on this. The same goes if you don’t want your bra showing under your white tee or top-wear nude or light beige color and the problem is solved.

    • Fay

      Oprah gives great advice.

    • Fay

      Nude panties are a must.

    • Fay

      Nice tip.

    • Darla

      I love see-thru pants. I like to see as much ass as possible

    • SarahJ

      Why not show a white thong under white pants? Or red or even leopard-print. It’s sexy and guys love it.

    • rog

      I think it’s hot.

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    • disqus_3mW3DsdzdI

      The only people that VPL bother are women and gay men. If that is the target audience you want to keep happy then avoid VPL. Straight guys either love them or don’t care.

    • o.p.s

      i want to have sex with you