• Tue, Feb 19 2008

Lancome Boutique–Intro to L.U.C.I. Video

It’s my video debut. I was a nervous wreck in this video, but Leo was so wonderful and full of knowledge, he not only made my makeup look fantastic, he made me feel at ease. (Despite no one pointing out that the red belt made me look fatter than I am!)

shannon nelson FWProducts mentioned in this video:

Skin Prep:

* Absolue Premium BX Serum
* High Resolution Eye with Collaser-48 Serum
* Secret de Vie Cream
* Secret de Vie Eye

Foundation/ Concealer/ Powder:

* Absolue BX Makeup in I-10 NC
* Flash Retouche in 01 Voile de lumiere
* Absolue Powder in Peche


lancome eyelash* Blush Subtil in Miel Glace


* LUCI Color Design pencil duo in Sunlight Rose (line eye)
* LUCI Traceur Design in Ray of Purple Light (inner eye)
* High Definicils mascara


* LUCI Color Fever Shine in Luminous

All Products are available at www.lancome.com

Many thanks to Christina Jones for video taping and editing, Teri Cosenzi for moral support (and a great facial, right?), Erica PR at Lancome for setting this up and of course Leandro Bare for his talent and making me feel more beautiful than I can ever remember. Seriously.

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  • http://lipstickpowdernpaint.blogspot.com Ellen

    You did a great job Shannon! Good for you.

  • http://www.blog.makeupmoxie.com Jazmin

    Bravo, Shannon! Congrats on your first vid! You were great and you, of course, looked totally gorgeous ; )

  • http://wardrobeoxygen.com Allie

    Awesome video, and awesome job Shannon!

  • http://www.dailycookie.net Lilan

    Wonderful video! You did a great job and we hope to see more soon!

  • Julie

    What a great video! The LUCI collection kind of confused me at first, because I only saw online reviews, but when you see it in person it’s like, oooooooh, shiny :) and then it makes sense.

  • Trisha

    great vid, & i think the belt looks very cute! i find the absolue products to be amazing, along with the LUCI collection it is a beautiful combination.

  • kavs

    great video!

  • Kami

    Great video-you looked great and completely at ease!

  • Debbie

    i love your makeup. So fresh. you look great as always.

  • Ashley Samantha

    Cuuuuuute! I love playing around with L.U.C.I. whenever I pop into Lancome but can never commit to buying it. I love the glosses released with it though – Seashell is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ashley Samantha

    BTW, does anyone know the fate of Gucci Westman? She was doing makeup for Lancome @ the shows, but I also noticed she was using MAC, but I forgot what show that was for.

  • Trisha

    here’s a link for one of my favorite sites http://bellasugar.com/tag/Gucci+Westman
    there i found Gucci info, hope that helps ;-)

  • Kristen

    You look sooo cute! And your skin and eyes look so fab afterwards. I love leaving my face in the hands of experts, I always feel “ready for my close-up” after a trip to a makeover at a beauty counter.

  • Tarneshia Roach

    I think that Lancome has the best mascara and eye shadows in the world.

  • Romin

    Leo is an artist, what a georgeous and natural-looking makeup. You look 10 years younger.

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