Paris Hilton’s Yellow Cardigan For Less Than $20


Here’s Paris Hilton looking all bright and sunny with her mustard yellow cardigan while shopping for BFF Nicole’s baby. Something I actually like on Paris and wouldn’t mind having. My world has gone mad. It must be the cold medicine too early in the morning. Freaking ‘Ey. I know what you guys want. Paris Hilton’s Yellow Cardigan For Less. But of course my lovelies :) …


Victoria’s Secret Ribbed Yellow Cardigan, On Sale for $19.


Geez, I can only find one for now. If you see anything under $50, please let me know :)

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    • Christine

      I think I will be getting this for spring as it will add a nice punch into my everyday black, white and gray work-wear.

    • Fay

      Love that look!

    • Tania

      I want to pick that up! It’s super cute!

    • BKMabrey

      I want one too!

    • Tanya

      *yawn* yellow is supposed to make u cherry this kinda makes me think of my grandma

    • Jenny

      Too bright of yellow for me, would look better pale yellow.

    • Fay

      That outfit is really put together. Love it.

    • Jenny

      Black pants in the top pic would look better.

    • Fay

      She has sunnies on in the store!

    • Fay

      It’s harder to get a bad picture when you’re wearing sunnies.

    • Fay

      Some of her clothes are really cute.

    • Tanya

      it matches her hair

    • Tanya

      shes buying stuff for Nicoles baby here

    • Pearl

      i really like the yellow cardigan

    • Dixie

      I love this inspite of Paris.

    • Fay

      Really think this looks great.

    • Fay

      Love yellow!

    • jgain

      not the same cardigan, at ALL

    • nichole fiorentino