Matthew McConaughey, Long Hair, Yes or No?


Don’t worry, Matthew McConaughey is only sporting this shoulder-length hairstyle for his new movie with Jennifer Garner. But what do you think? Now that you see what he would look like with long hair, should the Dolce & Gabbana cologne model keep it or not?

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    • Christina

      Yuck. Definitely not. Unless he meets his friend, “bleach,” then maybe. Maybe.

    • Victoria

      No way. I’m normally way into long hair on men, any color and any length from just past the short back-and-sides all the way to heavy metal musician length, but on men with masculine features and bone structure, which poor Matthew really doesn’t have!! You know–broad jaw, higher cheekbones pushing up the eyes, wider top of the face (around the forehead), and prominent brow ridge–his brow ridge is less prominent than mine! lol So no. Pre-pubescent boys and Matthew McConaughey don’t rock the long hair so far as I’m concerned.

      He looks like an old biddy :P

      Sexy camera though (photog here) :-)

    • amala

      Hell yea, love it.

    • sammar alodaini