• Mon, Feb 25 2008

Swag Bag Up For Grabs: from Virgin America San Diego Launch Party

It is swag season, no doubt.  I read the funniest little blurb on E!’s blog the other day about a minor celeb forgetting to go see her best friend accept an award because she was too busy getting loot from a swag suite.  C’mon, admit it, it could happen to you.  I hope her friend (I think it was Ellen Page), forgave her.   ;)

swag bag Virgin America Airline had a launch party in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, and has offered up one of their swag bags to a lucky eBeautyDaily reader!  Fun!  I will take comments on this post for one week, and next Monday will do a drawing from all comments (one per person only please, repeat IP addresses will be disqualified) to see who wins.  Easy, and fun! 

One caveat – the winner must have a United States mailing address. 

Below is the list of items that are in the bag – they are a little different than what is shown in the photo above (for instance, sadly, there is no PINK vodka included), and if they are any different when I actually get the bag in hand, I will update this post.  Regardless, there are lots of fun little goodies with a total value of $652!!

  • A Fraction Of The Whole      “Comic drive and Steve Toltz’s far-out imagination carry the epic story . . . a nutty tour de force.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review   $24.95
  • Bucky     40 Blinks Eye Masks   $12.95
  • Consider It Done     2 Hours of free errand service   $0.00
  • Deva     travel shampoo and conditioner     $8.00
  • Eat This, Not That     Healthy eating guide by David Zinczenko     $19.95
  • Harry & David     Valentine Truffles     $12.95
  • Hear The World     Placido Domingo’s Magazine   $8.00
  • Hint Water     water bottles     $2.00
  • Hotline Embroidery     embroidered valentine day themed thongs      $15.00
  • Lara Bars     healthy energy bars made from minimal, pure ingredients.   $7.00
  • Lightload Towels     Beach Towel     $6.50
  • Little Giraffe     travel pillow made of luxe velvet    $34.95
  • Luggage Forward     gift card for shipping luggage, also including luggage tags.     $9.00
  • Maggie Moo     minnie stuffed animals     www.maggiemoo.com  
  • Middle Class Millionaire     From Website — A compelling look at a new class of the affluent – the middle-class millionaires – whose attitudes and values are influencing and reshaping American life         $23.95
  • MM Eyewear     Travel sunglasses     $45.00
  • Orna     Foot revitalizing crème     $40.00
  • Oxyfresh     travel toiletry kit     $16.75
  • Select Comfort     neck pillow     www.selectcomfort.com     $49.99
  • Skype     2 sets of headphones and 30 minute internet voucher $146.00
  • Solessence     BonBon Heart Soap    $5.00
  • Soy Basics     Hampton Jar, eco friendly candle     $14.95
  • Therasage     Discount on massage bed     0
  • Towel Down     A beach towel and backpack in one!     $44.95
  • Vera Bradley     Miller Totes, Raspberry Fizz Color     $84.00
  • Will the REAL You Please Stand Up?: 7 Spiritual Strategies to Help You Discover Your Purpose and Live It with Passion (Hardcover)     book by Fran Harris          $19.95
    Total value:      $651.79

Here are a couple shots of folks from the launch party – Kendra Wilkinson (from The Girls Next Door) with Sir Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin America, and ultra funny chick, Chelsea Handler:

Kendra Wilkinson & Sir Richard Branson Chelsea Handler

***Thanks so much to the folks from Virgin America for sponsoring this contest!!***

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  • http://eye4style.blogspot.com eye4style

    What a great gift bag! I want it!

  • http://thelistmaven.com Deb Ng

    Oh heck yeah. Nice swag bag giveaway.

    I never win anything. : (

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  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    Don’t feel alone, Deb – I never, evah win anything either. ::pouts::

  • Julia

    Yep, definitely have never won anything other than a crappy snowman-shaped candle at a white elephant party. :)

  • http://www.temptalia.com Christine

    A swag bag! I want to win :) Well, really, I just want those two hours of errand service!

  • Raha

    Love to win this..

  • Monica

    Oh wow. I always wondered what came in those bags! I never dreamed I’d have the opportunity to be in the running for one of them! :-) Thank you!

  • Kristin

    Great loot!!


    This would really make you feel like you won an oscar!

  • K


  • DH

    Oh, please, I would love, love love to win.

    Chocolates, a beach towel, sunglasses and a pillow. I could pretend I was at the beach.

  • http://freddylee.com Freddy

    I want to win!

  • http://www.cheslea-handler.net MichelleR

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  • Wendy


  • Jenny Panetta

    Me, me, me! I just had a baby 2 months ago, and I could REALLY use a treat like this. Want proof? Check out my baby’s blog at http://vittoriahardy.blogspot.com/

    Yes, I’m a big dork.

  • Apple

    I want to win this! Oh please, please pick me! :)

  • M. Shutt

    I never win anything either -but a swag bag, who wouldn’t want that? it’s like a bunch of free samples and I love free samples -I’ve been known to suddenly “need” something at Sephora when they’re having one of their “15 samples” promotions! (and there are lots of things I now buy that I learned about from samples)

  • Rachel

    It would be sooo nice to win something! I am having a cruddy month and it would definitely make up for it.

  • Debbie

    This is great.

  • margaret

    What a great opportunity! And I enjoy your blog and all the info.

  • Anu

    Would love to win this! Count me in.

  • Sam K

    why am i here? oh i am a good husband. my wife wants this badly. thanks

  • Sof Shop

    I love how you get the “Eat This, Not That” book is followed by truffles!

  • Claire

    I would love this swag bag!

  • http://www.ebeautydaily.com/ Christina Jones

    LOL Sof Shop – I didn’t notice that – nice move, huh. So nice to see all you folks – I hope you’ll come “out of the closet” more often!! xoxox

  • Rhonda Bridges

    LOVE the bag!!

  • Michelle Rosborough

    Awesome bag !!!!!

  • Cynthia McKinley

    I wanna win!! :-)

  • http://www.qeeper.com girlrobot

    oooh i reallly want this!!

  • Cynthia

    Thanks for this giveaway. please enter me into this giveaway!! Thank you!

  • Selina

    nobody could want it as much as me…throw in a trip and I could be gone in a flash ;)

  • http://stylebell.wordpress.com michelle

    talk about swag, that’s awesome!

  • Amy

    WOW, that’s a super generous gift…I hope I win, but good luck to everyone!

  • Amy C

    I would love to have been there. Is Kendra as much as a bimbo as she is on the show, or is it an act? Love Chelsea Handler! Thanks for the contest. Amy


    That is FAB!! Here’s hoping… :-)

  • Beth O

    I just found your blog today..and then I found the giveaway! How cool is that???!! Anyway…putting my name in the hat and hoping for the best! :-)

  • Jolie

    Never hurts to try!

  • http://www.beautilicious.ca Scarlett B

    Would love to win this – hope it’s not too late :-)

  • Jan

    Love the giveaway….please put my name in the pot. Thanks!

  • Alexa Morgan

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