Do you by any chance know how to run a sewing machine?? I’m only asking because I tried and gave up. Could never get the tension thingie to work for me. I can thank my lack of patience for that!! But now I wish that I had stuck with it. Just found this pattern that you can order and seeing that the fall is going to be all about the sixties, I thought that some of you just might want to try their hand at creating something from an authentic pattern. Looks pretty cool! Must point out… the price of the pattern has gone up lol…

Photo Credit:Sovintagepatterns

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    • Brenda

      I went through my old sewing box about a month ago and found old pattern still in there – I think they were things that I may have made when we had sewing classes in high school. They sure looked dated to me. I still have somewhere the very first thing I made in grade 7 or 8 – an apron. Blue multi coloured with a half circle pocket on it….I am sure the teacher had to help with the pocket thingy. :)

    • http://www.shopaholicsdaily.com SP

      Definitely remember those days. Couldn’t sew if my life depended on it. It must been in our genes… although it looks as if you managed most of the project yourself.