Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream Discontinued???


What’s this I’m hearing that Garnier discontinued their Soft Curl Creme?  My sharp Hot Mama Daily readers put me on to this heartbreaking news and commenters have said the same on too (however, at “post time”, allows you to place the item in your shopping cart.  I’m tempted to buy them all out if I can!)

In my post last September I’d mentioned that I couldn’t find it at the time, but I did eventually find it on a visit home to NYC and can I tell you, I am in love!

WHAT GIVES?!?  Garnier has some ‘splainin to do! *Crossing arms in defiance!*

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    • kristy

      hmm… i wonder if it’s one of the ingredients that is causing this. maybe since garnier uses a lot of plant derivatives, one of them is too costly with the agriculture production nowadays…

    • Pascalle

      Hi Kristy,

      Hmm… could be, especially if the demand for the product didn’t outweigh the cost of the plant product. *Le sigh* Sad day for the curlies…

    • jess

      oh that suck their products smell really good i always buy their shampoos their great

    • Angie

      I definitely saw we should start up a petition to bring back the curl cream.

      There’s nothing left here in NJ =\

    • Merissa

      Found Garnier Fructis Style Play Style–exact same ingredients; I think they just switched the name.

    • Merissa

      My bad–Play Style:Reshapable Putty

    • Julie

      The Play Style Putty is actually not quite the same thing. It was released before the discontiuned the Soft Curl Cream. I bought a jar just to give it a try and it does give pretty similar results but I don’t think it has quite as much hold. It’s a decent alternative though so let’s hope they don’t discontinue that as well!

    • Andrea


      Above is a link to a black hair care company, Kinky-Curly, that makes two products that work as well or better that Garnier’s Soft-Curl product for both my boyfriend and I.

      The products are called “Knot Today” and “Curling Custard.”

      ↑ The up side: 1) does not cause my hair to lock up as fast as Soft-Curl did;2) leaves both his and my hair shinier but not greasy, and; 3) uses almost completely natural ingredients.

      ↓ The DOWN side is that it is almost 4 x AS EXPENSIVE!

      Would love to see some black investors help this company to make its manufacturing less expensive so that they can bring the price down. I’ll pay more to keep the $ circulating in black folks’ hands. But I won’t pay 4X as much!

    • Janice

      This Sucks!

    • Cherrie

      I was sooooo disappointed when I couldn’t find the Soft Curl in the stores I scavengered(Walgreens, Target, WalMart, CVS Pharmacy, even grocery stores). I’m also black and wear my hair completely natural. One day my sister bought home a jar of the Soft Curl and as soon as I tried it all my frizzy, afro-like curls were defined and shiny and soft. But that is the only jar that ever made it into our house. It got DISCONTIUED!

      I tried the Fiber Gum Putty and the Play Style Reshapable Putty. They give me shine and defined curls, but leave my hair stiff (try having your boyfriend run his hands through that! Embarrasing!). I tried other brands,… another disappointment and waste of money.


      I agree with Angie we should start a petition or something. Hey, they’ve bought back cancelled t.v. shows based on fans’ protests. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this going, speak up.

    • Erin

      Email Garnier – maybe they’ll bring it back!

    • http://n/a Amanda

      I was extremely disappointed when I found out that Garnier had discontinued the soft curl cream. I honestly believe everyone who enjoyed it…since it did work amazingly.. should pester and complain to the company as much as possible. What good is a business if they can’t provide what customers want right? I have tried their new products for curls and all I can say is my chin has been hanging low.

    • Kat

      I’m so glad to see that other people are just as ticked off as I am. I just checked on EBAY and found someone doing an auction of 2 jars. Get this…the current bid is $16.50 plus $5.50 for shipping and handling. If that isn’t a wake up call for Garnier then I don’t know what is!!!!

    • Jael

      So, since Soft Curl is being discontinued, does anyone have any recommendations for a good replacement? Soft Curl worked best on my hair, and I am so upset that I cant buy it anymore… :(

    • Allison

      Ugh! I loved this stuff!!! I don’t know what I’m going to do… I hate their new cream-gel. When I found the soft curl cream I swore off gels forever!

    • Kim

      Can’t agree more with everything that’s been said! I found some larger-sized containers available on Amazon. Check it out!

    • 111

      Soft curl cream is not discontinued. I just bought some and they had a whole bunch at walgreens, target and walmart

    • Colleen

      It is discontinued. I was able to order some on Amazon marketplace, but geez, that won’t last forever. I loved it too, I spent an hour at various drug stores trying to find something with a similar texture and found nothing. I have fine wavy hair and I hate GEL!

    • Jenell

      Yes..this certainly SUCKS!!! What are they thinking? I’m gonna try Amazon. :( The reshapeable putty made my hair really dry!

    • Jennifer Harlan

      I got their other curl cream, it’s in squeeze tube… It does NOT work the same as the soft curl cream, but it is close enough to make me not cry when I fix my hair without my soft curl cream! It’s almost too runny, I feel like I’m putting a ton of it in my hair though.

    • Nixa

      Ugh – I thought it was only me that couldn’t find the soft curl cream anywhere, but apprently it’s not! I LOVED this product.

      I have found another product that’s actually better than soft curl cream, only problem is that its EXPENSIVE. Its from Ms. Jessie & there are two of them – Curly Pudding & Curly Merengue. They come in 2 sizes 8 oz ($25 + tax) and 16 oz ($38 + tax).

    • Deena

      Hey, I was sad too, but…

      Try L’Oreal Out of Bed Weightless Texturizer, pretty much gave me the same results.

    • maxine

      well!!!! wonder why the company quit making soft curl if so many peopel used it. i’ve been to wal-mart, kmart, target gro. stores. ive’ been every where man. kinda sounds like a song. why not put it back on the market

    • Tracy

      I am so disappointed to read this! I had the same container of soft curl cream for a long time; after I finally gave up straightening every day, I was trying mousses, creams, and gels, and I found that the soft curl cream definitely worked the best. I figured it was just a fluke when I went to walmart, to get some more after I finally ran low, and found nothing but the reshapable putty. So I was very sad to learn that it has actually been discontinued. The putty is not the same; it works kinda okay, but when I blow-dry my hair with a diffuser it doesn’t keep the curl that I scrunched with the putty. It goes flat. If anybody had some affordable alternatives that work as well or almost as well as the cream, please post!

    • kathy

      I just found some available on-line! And very reasonably priced: Try

      I bought a pack of 3 – 5 oz. containers for $12.99, plus $6.95 shipping. That’s under $20 for 3.

      Should keep me going until I find a new product.

    • Pernell Cook

      So this is definitely something like hurting my life right now. Complete tragicness right! especially for people like me with super curly hair. I mean I definitely played my part with helping the production of this wonderful life changing product. Sumthing like this was pretty much apart of my everyday life. I might as well discontinue my life bcuz a big part of me just died. my life= tragic.. just tragic

    • Stef Burke

      FYI – eBay has TONS of this still, I just bought 6 jars for $29.99 – free shipping. That’s only $5 per jar. Check out eBay and stock up!! I am so happy!! =)

    • DeAnne

      there is very little love for women with curls who actually like them :(

    • Maria

      Man i was so disapointed to hear all this..i had bougt 10 of them before i finally ran out and went to the drug store this saturday to go buy some more and i couldn’t find it anymore!!! Garnier fructis better start making it again i would pay $20 dollars if i had tooo. because its the best product out there, there nothing like it. All there other products for curly hair does not come close to this product.

    • Tina

      I too was so sad to find this discontinued. I tried their newer “model” which is an Extra Strong Curl Gel-Cream and YUCK!!! Sticky, gooey, stringy looking hair is the result! My waves and curls are grossed out. I’m finding the good stuff on other sites. I’ve looked at/tried other products by other companies, none compares, even the really pricey ones!